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Useless Collections Items from Packs Bug

Can we please have the collection pack bug back? :’) Our progress is slowed down so insanely much now.


Please add the crashing collectible pack back to the game. Sometimes a broken system works better than a flawed one.




I also highly dislike this nerf.

Can you just remove the collectibles from packs altogether? I’d rather receive 10m to 40m resources from mystery packs than useless anchors and cogs.

Paid packs SHOULD not include useless collectibles. That just feels scammy.


This especially hurts the newer players who are still working on legendary dragon collections. Which, btw is most of the people who are playing are at. They take like 4 months to complete each. (SD even moreso :sob:) Normal dragon collections already take a month or more to complete. This would extend collection time length to even longer. Nobody wants to fork up $70 to buy a single legendary. RoB is supposed to be a fun game, but this change is making collections even more ridiculous to attempt to fill in.

My other point of how irritating this new “feature” is imagine buying a rare pack or premium pack only to get a measly amount of runes since you got several items hogging precious card spaces. Which, premium packs have a chance of giving no runes at all and this would only increase the chances of it occurring. Either Ludia decreases the pack’s price or they bring back the old system. I would happily trade the sheep we got in the flock for the collections to be normal again. This update makes me unhappy in many ways, this problem the most.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the collectible pack bug was only affecting in my estimates less than 1% of the players so it’s much better that the majority benefits rather than the minority. It also wasn’t even that big of a deal either since getting less than 5 items to completely fill the collection is easily achievable via journeys and such.


So this was done to stop a bug/exploit? How is actually good progression an exploit? To put it into perspective… You have let’s say… 4 legendaries unlocked, which means you have 4 collections + exotic, defender, and resource collection. On average you need about what… 40-70 items per collection, depending on the type of collection. Beforehand, you could strategise… search for the TL exploration items, and then slowly build up the rest via lucky mystery packs and seasonal statue loot. Would usually take me like, a month to complete a collection from scratch? That’s just a single collection.
Now? You get a single cog, and a cob for the resource collection. When I have like, 20+ different collection items I need, all with varying rarity, how long is it that legitimately going to take me to complete a single collection? Do I need to wait for a blue moon before a mystery pack will give me a rare item for my legendary collection? I way preferred the progression system before. It wasn’t too fast, wasn’t too slow, it was satisfying. It also let us choose what we wanted to focus on. Now, it’s completely random, even harder to achieve quests, harder to get legendaries, harder to get any sort of profit. This is awful to be honest.

Edit: When the sun is shining through the window at 6pm and causing a glare, you don’t just remove the entire friggin window. But that’s what has happened here… An over-reactive and detrimentive change to a miniscule problem that could be resolved by just putting up a curtain, figuratively speaking of course.


I’m an end game player with all of the legendary dragons, which means I have access to all of the dragon collections so my pool of possible items is huge. The chances off me getting the 1 type of item that I need is so low it’s laughable. This is a bad change and needs to be reversed.

The only thing this change will accomplish is to get more people hacking their runes so they can buy more packs in hopes of getting a useful item. No one will spend more real money with the odds being as terrible as they are.


agreeing 100%. the mystery packs were actually beneficial before, i used to get iron and 10-25 runes occasionally, but now all i are the stupid collectible items which i dont need, i fear to open a collectibles or rare pack for the same reason, that i will get these shells, cogs etc.


I don’t even get random useless collectible items. I get the same two items. Over and over and over again. Nearly have 200 seashells now…

Ludia have really dropped the ball with this “fix”. I am lucky enough to have already gathered all the Legendaries. New players will have to either invest a HUGE amount of time to collect them all (took me long enough but that was rewarding) or will have to spend a HUGE amount of money. I think they may actually lose players over this who are not seeing any progress and give up.

I hope Ludia read the comments on this board. I have been playing for a number of years and have never seen people so upset over this change, and these are your hardened players, not your casual users.

Please act Ludia before you start losing users.


I’d just like to point out (again)… this isn’t the first anti-user change Ludia has made recently. There’s the defaults-to-3/4-bags searching thing that tries to trick you into spending runes unless you’re constantly vigilant. That wasn’t even a bug fix, and I haven’t seen a single positive report about that. Yet it’s clear Ludia has no intention of changing it.

Then there’s the duties failing to reset, the issue with gauntlet timers, AP-removing special attacks that don’t actually remove AP’s… Bunches of massively frustrating bugs that Ludia has been ignoring; in some cases, for years.


Add me to the list of unhappy players. The many reasons for this have already been explained in detail by the other users posting in this thread. This “fix” actually breaks part of the game and its strategy. Not fun.


It would also be a sort of fix if it worked. As it is, different players get different items EXCLUSIVELY. All I get from Mystery packs are cogs (I already have half a million so I’ll let you figure out how useful it is for me to get an extra 8-10 every day). All my daughter ever gets from those same packs are items for the first, basic resource collection, which is never worth the trade.

Edge and Gauntlet packs give me common Green Death and Foreverwing items, which players who have already unlocked these early legendary dragons won’t really need except in the very first days; actually players don’t ever need these items for collections, as the legendary will find and fill them much earlier than with the rest of any needed items.

So I reiterate my previous post: this « fix » is clearly broken. My interest in the game is dropping as a direct result.


I can’t believe this has been going for 18 days! Things are looking very grim.


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