Useless dinosaurs?



As I’ve been playing, I’m startimg to notice that some dinosaurs don’t do much (in battle) and can’t hybrid with others to create new dinosaurs. Are these dinosaurs pointless? Would you just ignore them or do you think they could be useful for future dinosaurs?
I would love to collect them all, that is the goal, but some don’t make sense to keep leveling up.

what dinosaurs would you say are useless? Commons and maybe some rares?



I aim to level all dinosaurs to level 10 just for my collection.

After that, I don’t bother levelling them up if I know they’re not going to make it in my team. Better to save your coins for later on as the evolutions start getting really expensive.

I have quite a few at level 10 that will stay that way as you can see.


No, don’t even spend coins fusing its DNA. Seriously.


Giant salamanders and sarcosuchus. Useless. Ophiacodon is only good up until you reach the second arena.


No rares are useless, and the reason is that even if they are bad now, maybe they will get a buff in the future, so my advice is to always collect as much DNA as possible from a rare. But sure, there are many dinosaurs that are not worth spending your coin in leveling up, as coin is very hard to come by and you need it for your actual team. For commons, there are many that aren’t really useless, but your coin is usually better spent in higher rarities. Your priorities in commons should probably be velociraptor and the ones that are used for hybrids. As for rares, in my opinion, suchotator, purrusaurus, edmontosaurus and tenontosaurus. Echo coming this week seems to also be pretty useless. And there are even useless epics too, like stygimoloch. Hope it helps!


I agree with this because, if coin are needed, it is urgent and necessary to evolve any dinos to get experience and level up to collect more dna from the rare or epic dino you see on the wild.

Now I am level 8 and I can collect 18 dna per perfect shot (common creatures), at starting level I think about 13.

I am not spending coins now to fuse dna for hybrid creature that I don’t want in my team. These are really lost coins. But how can I know if that dino can be stronger if well evolved? Do you all know if there is a post here to put all the max levels and stats for every dino that can help us decide our strategy?


Check this page, it has all dinosaurs with max stats and stats per level so you can easily compare:


Thanks a lot for the link!