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Useless dragons bought accidentally

So I’ve been really sick for ages and unable to play. I went to get the free draft and before I tapped the button, my earphone cord touched the button to get 1000 runes worth of dragons that I cannot use (all my 2 star dragons are maxed out)!!! I have been saving up runes for literally months to get the 4000 rune premium draft pack, I had gotten to 1978 runes. Now I’m really upset.

I read somewhere that you cannot ask for a refund, so I am always really careful to be sure what I want. Has anyone actually been able to get a refund of any sort when something like this has happened?

I really love this game, mostly because of the awesome dragon designs and the somewhat tactical gameplay. I don’t want this to lead to me deleting this game and lose all my love for it. I was even thinking of using real money to get runes in the near future.


I did the same thing before, an extra sale option before purchase would be wonderful.


They will refund half your purchase one time only


That would be really helpful, and stop anyone getting upset.


Thanks for letting me know! I may send a message to the support team then. :smiley:


hello2 developer, more and more people complaining about this. about time to do some action. as runes are hard to get and primary resource that worth some money even.
i did this twice, the first time, they gave 500 runes back to me. 2nd time though, it’s a no no.

the sooner the confirmation button to use runes applied, the better, so no one else will lose their runes accidentally

hope to hear the good news soon from you guys.