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Useless free incubators


Anyone else not bothering to open the free incubator. Why does Ludia think 11 raptor DNA is worth receiving when I need 5000 to level up or 4 times this to level Indominus. Surely the free incubator should match your level in the game. 11 raptor DNA seems fantastic upto level 5 after this it seems like a billionaire stopping to pick up a penny in the street…


Hey, all those pennies add up. Sure, it’s slowed my v-raptor down a little, but I’m in no rush.


The 11 raptor DNA is almost worthless, sure, but the good thing about those incubators is the free 2/3 cash. 2/3 cash every 6 hours means 10 cash every day, 300 cash every month. Not too much but certainly something for free players. Plus the 20 darts every 6 hours helps you fill up your darts if you depleted them earlier.


Starting to think what’s the point. Dinos not spawning near me, only commons to collect and now need 1000s of DNA to level up. Every task seems too far to reach. I was in this for the long haul but after just a month there are now no rewards that seem achievable. Just collecting DNA for a month seems monotonous before any pay off.


Sadly you’re right. I’m personally not annoyed with the incubator but I paid 20 bucks for one of those incubators with blue on it. I asked multiple times on Twitter, etc before buying to see if blues dna was in it and got no response from anyone. So I bought it and got nothing out of it. Waste of 20 dollars. When I invest money into Pokémon go at least I get what I paid for. Unfortunately this seems all about making us pay as much as possible for little things


I was so excited for this game and have been left highly disappointed.


Sometimes you get epic DNA from the free incubs. I got some free epic Rex DNA, which was much needed. The cash is nice, and I tend to bank that, but it’s free. I don’t understand. Ludia allows you to play for free, even gives you free 5-hr incubs, and all you do is gripe and moan because you didn’t get what you wanted from it?

It’s FREE STUFF. It’s random, but it’s free. There’s a saying: “Never look a gift Tyrannosaur in the mouth”.

Be grateful that they gave you anything at all apart from the privilege of playing for free.


My problem is the misleading incubators that we pay actual money for. I agree the free incubator complaint is ridiculous though


I am just asking for them to be scaled for increasing levels…


They are. Each level you progress, the levels of the free incubs change as well. You might not see this every time you open one, but sometimes you get surprised. I opened one the other day that contained Epic Rex DNA.

They’re free, so you can’t really complain. You just get whatever is in it.


All incubs are random as to their contents, even the ones you pay for, although those tend to have certain DNA you currently can’t get in the wild.

The random percentage chance that you will get something of value is skewed toward your favor moreso if you buy an incub, but there’s always going to be that small chance of not getting exactly what you were hoping for. This is how game companies make money. They know that players who pay monthly for higher-tier items will tend to keep buying.

The system isn’t totally geared against you - it’s that the odds weren’t in your favor this time.


Sounds like typical excuses to me. You defend them every chance you get. They said there would be a raptor incubator and then put one with blue on the cover. Then continued to ignore all of us asking knowing we’d most likely pay for it anyway. It’s a scam and I’m disappointed they couldn’t be bothered to respond


I get it but they are free after all. They’re better than nothing and I personally am grateful for the darts I get. Considering they run out easily


Look, I understand you’re upset about the incub thing but honestly, it’s really not worth getting your knickers in a twist over it. I wasn’t trying to be mean, i was just trying to explain a bit about how the incubs’ contents are to some degree (depending on paid or free) randomized.

I really wasn’t trying to offend you or anyone else.


Yes, I’m surprised This company isn’t giving every player what they each want. What is wrong with that company?!! /sarcasm obviously


To be honest I’m more sick of the battle incubators, I’m on stage Badlands and never had a 24 hour incubator and rarely get 12 hours, yet I know people who are lower and get 12/24 hour ones every 4/5 battles! All I ever seem to get is 15 minutes or 3 hours.


The point is I paid 20 dollars for it thinking I’d get blue’s dna. If it wasn’t so expensive I wouldn’t care. But it was