Useless moves and features in the game

Careless strike:

Decrease speed by 50%, distraction 50%, nullify all dodge on self, deal 1x damage.

Precise Dart:

This dart will always allow you to hit a direct hit on a dino, but only rewards you with one dna per direct hit.


Allows you to see what is the current time period(day, night, dusk etc), but only when you are accessing the map

Group distraction strike:

Deals 1x damage to all allies, inflict 100% distraction for 2 turns to all allies.

‘Epic Scent’:

This scent is guaranteed to spawn in an Concavenator, and only commons for the remaining 20 minutes.

Speedtie resolve:

The one who chooses a move the slowest wins the speedtie.

Huge Giga Scent:

This scent is guaranteed to spawn only common creatures, for 120 hours.

Enemy move detector:

This item allows you to see what is your opponent’s move, but only after the enemy has attacked.

Absolute Lockdown:

Inflict onto opponent Swap Prevention for 50 turns, only works when the opponent has one dino left only(somehow).
Inflict onto opponent’s group Swap Prevention for 50 turns(Raids).

Instant It Just Goat Real:

Deals 100.0 Rend Damage, priority. Delay 50, Cooldown 50.

On escape Distraction:

Inflict onto opponent 100% distraction when opponent is about to swap out.

Swap in Distracting Devestation:

Deals 3x damage upon swapping in, inflict 100% distraction on self immediately for 4 turns.

Swap in Lockdown:

Inflict Lockdown on self for 3 turns upon swapping in

Forgiving [Move name]:

On Forgiveness:Deals 0x damage

Old Drone:

An old and battered drone that have accompanied many DPG Trainers in their journey. However, its battery life is poor, and only have half of the battery life as a regular drone.

To be continued… in the comments. What are some useless moves and concepts that you can make up?


After every hit, deal 3x dmg to self


The Giga Scent spawns rares and epics as well. It spawns 2 creatures constantly and have decent chances to spawn rares honestly. With a guarantee per 6 hr incubator, it’s not that bad of a feature. The epic and rare scents are all based on luck. The group distraction strike is mostly for raids and is actually very useful. The on escape distractions and swap in devestations/distractions can be useful depending on what you use it on (fierce/wildcards) so you can do extra damage and save your health as well.

I do think that the passive move swap in nullify is mainly useless. Even if you use it, the person ends up using an attack and one hitting my Yoshi.

what creature has that move? I never heard of it before.

This was a joke. He made a new giga scent with only common spawns

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Cleansing wound.

Target highest HP. Inflicts 50% Damage over Time for two turns. Cleanse.

Love that ‘Epic Scent’ BTW :rofl:


On escape distraction, deceleration, etc. (Any on escape debuff ability besides lockdown that deals no damage)

this is one of them

Instant Reverse Invincibility: Target al opponents: invincible 100000000 turns

Reverse GSR: Target all allies: dsr

Food for thought: target all allies: Feed(distraction, deceleration)

Distracting Ferocity: Target all allies: For 100000 turns: distract 50% and boost attack 50%

Group distraction strike deals distraction to your own group, making it nothing but a burden. On escape distraction inflicts distraction to a creature that is going to swap out which will then cancel the distraction effect. Swap in Devestation inflicts a 100% distraction on yourself immediately before even attacking, basically dealing nothing.


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Looking at All of this Ludia is probably gonna implement at least one

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I agree. How about this one?
Suicide: Opponent gains 50% damage buff, gets speed increased by 30%, invincibility for 3 turns, heal 50% of max HP, 100% chance to dodge.

Self: Gets damage over time, self nullification

If you are desperate to lose, that is the best choice.


Absolutely beautiful . With this Ludia might as well nerf monomimus for the last time and give it this move.


so nothing happens…thats basically just a “pass” move

I completely misread this topic haha. Sorry about that.

Unless someone has distraction resist…

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