Useless resistance

Why the heck is ankylodicurus resistant to distraction? All of its attacking moves literally cleanse it. The shields do not even attack. The resistance has no use and makes battles against cunning’s with this a little bit longer

I thought ludia would fix this like they did with dodecuris but giving it a decelerating rampage so there is actually a use for giving it a distraction resistance


maybe because to get full damage. but creature with resistance to distraction should be zero, with they can cleanse.

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i would trade that 50% Distraction resistance for another 50% Speed Decrease resistance

seriously, who thought that it was a good idea for it to have partial speed decrease resistance in trade of a resistance that it can cleanse with all three of its attacking movesets?


I agree 100%. Has no reason to cleanse distraction if the 3 attacking moves cleanse distraction


Resistance to distraction can be useless in PvP but can be useful in raids. Let’s imagine the following situation: Cunning Boss against Ankylodicurus and 3 Megistotherium’s . In the first turn he uses “Group Distraction”. All have their damage reduced. On the next turn the boss uses “Instant Distraction”. Who will be the target? Ankylodicurus. This was just an offhand example.

A real-life example: Today I made a rare Megalonyx invasion. I used Doedicurus and my colleagues used Purrolyth and Meiolania. When the boss wore camouflage, the target was usually Doe.


Maybe it could be passed down to a Megahybrid (like Arctovalasis). Maybe they kept it because they had thought of Megahybrids for a while and only added it just now.

That is not what the post is about
The post is about how useless distraction resistance is in Ankylodicurus, as all its attacks clean up distraction.
Don’t confuse distraction with taunt

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I believe that you really did not understand what I had written. I was talking about resistance to distraction being useful in Raids and not taunt.

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Just give it intimidating impact ludia
Not only should it have a shattering move with ophicodon being one of the components the move intimidating impact just fits it so well and then its distraction resistance will actually be useful

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just keep the moveset that way but remove the distraction resis for decel immunity

Resil Impact is actually useful against cloakers and Argenteryx match ups