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Useless Resistances

I’ve made several posts on similar topics in the past, but this post gathers them together in a hopefully more readable format. While I overall like the resistances system, Ludia gave some resistances to creatures that never get any use out of them. Let me explain, and offer my suggestions:

What is a useless resistance?
A useless resistence is a resistance that, usually due to its strength, never offers any benefit for its user. Note that I did NOT consider boosts because a) they can be applied evenly between you and your opponent and b) they aren’t used in skill tournaments, and I think all resistance should apply in this setting.

What ISN’T a useless resistance?
Some resistances offer utility under specific circumstances - sometimes very specific circumstances. These have limited use, but technically aren’t useless.

Ok, let’s begin.

Speed decrease resistance, 50%
Why is this a problem?
All deceleration moves in the game currently slow by 50%. So dinos with this resistance are only slowed by 25%. The thing is, no dino in the game with this resistence has a base speed high enough to even be faster than their opponent after being slowed, so why have this resistance at all? There are actually a few cases when this resistance does help. Two involve speed control. If you and your opponent both use a slowing move, but you are 50% resistant to decel, then you will be slowed less end up faster than your opponent. Using speedup moves, you can increase your speed to the point where being slowed with this resistance leaves you faster than your opponent (assuming the speedup is not removed) - you see this a lot with Erlidom and Maxima if Maxima use GDR and Erlidom uses MSS. But if a dino has 50% speed resistance and has no speed control moves, then they get no use out of this resistance in arena. In raids, a 50% speed resistance helps if your teammate slows the enemies and they slow you back. Technically every 50% deceleration resistance creature can use this, but it only affects raids, and I’d like these resistances to matter in pvp too.
Who does this affect?
Dinos with 50% decel resistance but no speed control moves. These are Edaphocevia, Grylenken, Paramoloch, and Spinoconstrictor.
The fix?
Either increase speed resistance, or give them a speed control move. For Grylenken and Spinoconstrictor, I would swap Evasive Stance for Sidestep. For the others, I would increase the resistance level - probably 100% for Paramoloch since all of its moves are priority or cleanse anyway, and 75% for Edaphocevia to avoid another Monolometerodon situation where you get a cunning creature that can’t be slowed down.

Critical Ht Reduction Resistance, <100%
Why is this a problem?
Currently, the only crit reducing moves in the game are cunning moves, which reduce crit chance by 100%. They also remove crit chance increases from moves like Ready to Crush, so these are not a factor here. The game calculates the percentage that your crit chance is reduced by subtracting your resistance from this 100%, and then subtracting this number from your base crit chance. For most creatures, this is 100% reduction - 0% resistance = 100% reduction. If the creature had a base crit chance of 20%, their reducted crit chance is 20% crit chance - 100% reduction = 0% crit chance (it can’t go below 0%). If you have 100% resistance to crit reduction, this is 100% reduction - 100% resistance = 0% reduction; 20% crit chance - 0% reduction = 20% crit chance. Your crit chance was not reduced at all, as it should be. But what if you have 50% resistance? Then you get 100% reduction - 50% resistance = 50% reduction; 20% crit chance - 50% reduction = 0% crit chance. You still have a 0% crit chance, so your resistance did nothing. No dino in the game has a crit chance of 50%, so none could ever use this resistance. This even affects 75% resistance, which reduces any crit chance at or below 25% to 0 (and both Dinos with this resistance have crit chances lower than this).
Who does this affect?
Any dinos with a crit reduction resistance of less than 100%. These are Indoraptor, Indoraptor Gen 2, Ardentismaxima, Edaphosaurus, Indominus Rex, Indominus Rex Gen 2, Magnapyritor, Monolometerodon, Monolorhino, Postimeterodon, Pterovexus, Secodontosaurus, and Tryostronix.
The fix?
There are a few, but I would prefer changing how crit reductions reduce your crit chance. You would still subract the resistance from the reduction to get the effective reduction, but to find the final crit chance you would do base crit % - (effective reduction % * base crit %). So for 20% base crit with 50% resistance, your final crit chance would be: 100% reduction - 50% resistance = 50% effective reduction; 20% base crit - (50% effective reduction * 20% base crit) = 20% base crit - 10% reduction = 10% crit chance. Makes much more sense to me. And both 0% and 100% work too. 100% reduction - 0% resistance = 100% effective reduction; 20% crit chance - (100% effective reduction * 20% crit chance) = 20% crit chance - 20% reduction = 0% crit, as intended. 100% reduction - 100% resistance = 0% effective reduction.; 20% crit chance - (0% effective reduction * 20% crit chance) = 20% crit chance - 0% reduction = 20% crit, so you are still immune. Other solutions include raising all crit resistances to 100% or adding new moves that reduce by less than 100%, but I think what I described does the most to fix how crit reduction and it’s resistance interact. Honestly, it should have worked like this from the start.

Taunt Resistance, <100%
Why is this a problem?
This one is pretty rare - only three dinos have it, and it only affects raids. It’s also unique because it’s perfectly functional. Basically, it gives you some chance of ignoring a taunt. But I find this to be more detrimental then helpful. Unless your taunt resistance is 0% or 100%, you can’t be sure which opponent you’re going to hit! So you can plan for using a shield breaking move to attack a taunting minion and remove the taunt, only to ignore the taunt and hit the boss instead! It’s never good when you can’t target your moves, so this resistance seems to do more harm then good.
Who does this affect?
All dinos with taunt resistance <100%, being Ardontosaurus, Ardentismaxima, Geminititain (Oh boy, fixing these three is going to be popular…).
The fix?
Just make all taunt resistances 100%. Done.

So these are the useless resistances. What do you think? Should Ludia try to fix these? They definitely need to take another look at crit reduction resistance IMO, but what about the others?