Useless shields

Why shields are now almost useless, because IT is too many defense shattering moves in the game. I counted and only 8 dinos have armor piercing strike, 6 API, and 4 APR compared to 26 defense shattering strike, 15 DSI and 13 DSR, and there are also Definite moves 4 Definite strikes and 4 Definite rampages, and rending moves which also breaks shield. So my idea is to cut in half number of defense shattering moves, so shields would mean something. For example at least 8 DS moves should be AP moves, 2-3 also could get definite strikes. So for example. Thor Tyranolophosaur, Tentorex, Bary G2 should have APR instead of DSR. Irritator, dimetrodon, monometrodon, postimetrodon could get definite impact instead of DSI, which would be actually buff to them. Tryo could get definite rampage.


I’ve personally said they passed out defense shattering like it was candy and it messed things up.

Remember when you first started and were in arena 2 or 3 where dinos had clearly defined roles?
Foe brings out Raptor and you “Flip them the Bird” by swapping in Hatzegopteryx.

Sadly the issue can’t be fixed so easily.

Take away defense shatter from a single “meta relevant” dino and…
Stomp feet Cry and wail “How can you ruin all of my time and effort boosting a dino and then throw it in the thrash?!” (Despite being a resource allocation strategy MMO, where everyone knows MMOs nerf things and you never put all of your eggs in one basket)
“That’s it! I’m going to download someone elses picture of canceling their VIP membership and hope no one noticed it has the exact same time and icons on the top and threaten to cancel my fictional VIP”

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