Useless visible shield issue

since many updates ago, i see a bizarre behavior with shields.

maybe because of the 2 rules about effects (turns and attacks).

sometimes the turn ends, players are about to make a move and in front of my creature i still see a shield setup.

i touch my creature and see “shield 1 turn”.

nice, then i make a movie counting on that and when turn starts the shiled disappear.

GREAT! fooled by visual info?

this happened just today with antactopelta.

i believe the shield was used last turn, don’t remember if i was first or not in turn and maybe should have disappeared (effect gone).

this happens a lot. tell me is not intended, because i can wonder what’s the point in showing an effect that would never be used after turn starts?


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I think this is because turns are defined by when you attack. From one time you use an active ability to the next counts as one turn, so the shield goes away once you use an attack.

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but the turn is ended when all moves end.
when we are all still, watching 15 seconds countdown, nothing happens.

when the players pick a move/swap the last turn is ended already.

there’s no point in showing a shield that will not exist in start of the next turn, this confuses and mess with the strategy if you don’t mentally control start/end of effects, the point of visual info is to help the player about what happens when start and when end.

all effects that won’t exist next turn disappear from animations when turn ends and countdown starts. at least they should.

seeing that shield in front of the dino (specially with “shield 1 turn” shown in dino info lead me to mistake. and indeed this happened today, i was fooled believing the shield will protect me next turn and guess what: turn started and bye bye shield.

for all effects that won’t exist when next turn starts, the game should remove from screen when current turn ends (i mean: when everything stop and battle start countdown)


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This happens in case the foe attacks first. Say you use an attack with a shield that lasts one turn, but you attack first. Then your foe will attack you right after. Then, if the foe goes first next turn, the shield stays up since your turn hasn’t ended. The whole system is kinda confusing, and I do agree that there should be an easier way of telling exactly when your shield will go away.

Against scuto and with revenge protection against an antartarctopelta the game sees the counter attack as an attack so when you attack and then a counter the shield will go down

this mess may have been introduced when they changed counting rules for effects:
“turns” and “attacks”.

2 turn, 4 attacks.

if i didn’t understand wrong, the effect ends when at least one of the 2 rules is done.

if passed 2 turns, but got 3 atracks, it’s over anyway.
if got 4 attacks in 1 turn, it’s over anyway too.

but i believe when they changed this system, the final check in each turn became wrong.

when all moves/animations/effects of a turn end, the code should check them and make visual things disappear before the “make a choice” countdown starts.

then a player see in screen exactly what is acting mext turn when their options will do something.

the way is coded now, game is checking if a shield is over at the start of a turn, making it disappear before all things happen.

and as a visual help system, the player is fooled.

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Happens to me a lot when I’m playing Zorion

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maybe is just a line of code.

the checking for effect and/or setup visibility of it is happening in wrong order. in wrong step. it’s happening when next turn stuff start, not when previous end.

at least for shield.

as other effects like buff, debuff, etc, all consumed shields should disappear when countdown is about to start, then players have 15 seconds to make a choice with exact visual of what they have active for next turn.

the way is now, i see my antarctopelta with a shield visible, i touch pelta and see “shield - 1 turn” in info screen and i don’t know if they will have a shield when turn starts if i didn’t mentally tracked shield duration. i am not idgt902 lol.

visual is supposed to help me to track these mechanics, not fooling me, lol.

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That’s right, the same thing happens with the shield in advantage of the Geminittian