User nicknamed "LOADING" or "CHARGING"... a bug?

sometimes i see players named CARREGAMENTO (uppercase) in leaderboard. translating back to english is “loading” or “charging”.

today a player with this name challenged me for friendly.

it’s a bug, right? nickname not loaded. :scream:

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we have one in our alliance called LOADING… weird thing is they have not chatted with us once since that change but they can request and donate.


I had a “LOADING” in my recent opponents list about a week ago. I’m in the same alliance as @Pateradactyl and the one in my recent opponents list was from a different alliance. I have donated to the “LOADING” in my alliance multiple times though. They usually request Kaprosuchus.

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I’ve battled them a few times.
Its just them trolling. Lol

If they’re having issues with the name loading it’ll normally say “guest”.

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There’s one in my alliance as well. i think its a bug… (when i click on their profile, they do not have a 4 digit number showing, like regular JWA names)

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i didn’t post this into bug report area, because i didn’t know there are really players with that name.

well… one more for already dozens of bugs.


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