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User With an Impossible Hybrid


I’ve just had my first pvp battle with 2 Unique hybrids, Tuoramoloch and Indoraptor. Unsurprisingly, they kicked my arse. Surprisingly, when I checked out their profile afterwards, this player had these two Unique hybrids despite the fact that both their Paramoloch and Indominus were lv 17.

Report for insane cheating? Or possible w/ paying an insane amount of $?

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Don’t know about tuoramoloch but we already had two indoraptor events so it is possible + an indo incubator long ago


Indoraptor is a minor possibility. The tuora, I really don’t think so…

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Show us a capture, if you can’t prove It, you may are blaming someone with no sense Bro :disappointed_relieved:


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The player ia lvl 8 and is already in sorna,no way.btw, i have face an impossible team before,lvl 13 alanqa and already have any alankylo.


Alanky isnt really impossible, they sell legendary incubators its quite possible they bought one and got alanky as their legendary.

Indo could have been my by event… touro is the real issue.


Take a screen shot.



Report him


Maybe he got a couple of premium incubators from the holiday treasure chase


Level 8 and already have a Indoraptor, just report him.

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You understand that Indoraptor can be obtained from 2x events and indo incubator.

Its Tura Unique which nobody can get without actually going through making him from DNA (level 20 Legend first)


I doubt that you can get Indoraptor in two events, especially if you’re level 8, plus the first try was in late June, so unless this person hasn’t played since then, they were a lower level. Plus, the Tuora shows that something good is definitely not right


I mean… theres an indoraptor strike out now… :yum:

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U could buy indo incubators before. Thats pertfectly possible


Yeah they’re using a max dna hack

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How would u know? :open_mouth:

Do u use dna hacks :3?


…wait. this snapshot is real right? not photoshop? where can we click and see the info of this player? still exist? a bit difficult cos not in 500 leaderboard


Level 8 means 13 DNA on a direct hit for a Unique. You get 15 darts max per turn. So, no matter what, the event gives a max of 195 DNA and you need 250to Create.

Looks like JWA was hacked from this account for sure.

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