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Username Change?


How do you change your username?
I’ve seen multiple threads about people being accused of cheating or supporting cheating based on usernames.
When I made this account I used an old username but some friends started calling me “JuggerNutt” and I so I changed my in game name. I really don’t want to be called out as a cheater or cheater supporter due to my forum name being different from my in game name.
(or for having an underleveled stegodeus since I have a hard time finding stegosaurus)
Please help as I can’t figure out how to change my forum name to match my in game name.


Msg a mod and we can help, otherwise you should be able to do it from your profile.

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Profile, then click the pen next to ur name

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I didn’t think you could change your username here… I’ve wanted to for ages.

I’d love to change from D_Mol.

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I thoughts wanted to change his in game name lol. Idk about on here


I was able to change the “name” category but the “username” category was locked. Either way I’m contacting a mod to attempt to get it changed.

Thank you


Same here…


I have also wanted to change mine. Heck this didn’t even match my initial gamertag in game.




For those wanting a name change please see my above comment. I will look into why you guys can’t by yourselves.