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Username violation?


I’ve been playing this game since day one, and suddenly my made-up username is in some kind of violation? How do I appeal this? I do not want to change my username.

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Can you access the app to contact support?

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No, I only get this screen.


Just email support thats all you can do or just change it.

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How do I contact support outside of the game? I can’t find an e-mail link or anything.

#6 You will need to include your support key…


Safety Patrol friend :green_heart: I’m not seeing your name on my list. Do they have you hanging in limbo?


Hey Sarakazi, it seems that the name you have chosen was someone else’s real name. As this goes against the community guidelines, it would be a reason why it was moderated. I hope this clears things up a bit.


“Sarakazi” is a completely imaginary name that I made up for a cartoon character I created when I was a kid.


I’m sorry about that, and we understand the name could have been a name you made up. However, it seems that apart from being a cartoon name, it could also be seen as a real name of someone else, which resulted in the moderation.


Wait, really? Most of the people I play against use real names… I myself use the name of a popular animated character, whose name is also used in this world. I’m just checking here, will I possibly need to change it?


We do not allow Real Names (full names) or Names that could be Real Names such as Fictional Characters Names. As this is a GPS game and we are concerned with player safety.

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Good job my IGN is totally legit…

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But what about my name? I accidentally used my actual name for my username on here and I’ve never been flagged for it.


Someone have to report your name, then you will be forced to change it if its against the rules.


this is only for in-game


Even in Game just looking at the leader board I see many many common names. Hell the person just above me in the rankings is named “Frank”. Just living on the knife edge until someone reports that egregious rule breaking?


Here’s what the rule states:

[Jurassic World Alive does not support inappropriate or vulgar usernames. We also ask that you refrain from using any form of personal indication, such as your real name, when creating your username.]

It does not state that you can’t use a fictional name.

“Sarakazi” is a fake name that I made up. It is not a full name, and it is not the name of any fictional character in any book, movie, show, etc. It is neither inappropriate nor vulgar. It is not my real name and does not contain any kind of personally identifiable information for myself or anyone I’ve ever known.

If Ludia is going to say I’m breaking rules and bar me from playing this game because they wrongfully think “Sarakazi” is my real name or someone else’s name, I’m going back to the monster catching game and taking my wallet with me. I’m glad I already cancelled VIP.


@J.C I have like 13 players in my alliance that have real people names.


@J.C @Ned

Hello, my alliance is really missing Sarakazi and would like her back. You could Google back more than a decade to see that it is a made-up name that she has used, I’ve known her for at least that long and it has always been that name. Please don’t punish the good players for doing nothing wrong. We want her back plz.