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Using creatures with Instant Invincibility in raids will bug your game. Instant Invincibility clearly broke last night and needs to be fixed I think?

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Bug Description: If you go into a raid with you picking Rajakylosaurus it will break your game, I used it and my friend was using Diloranosaurus, we were both kicked out of the match, as in we were stuck in the “catching up to present, don’t press any buttons!” Super boring. But even though my friend was using Diloranosaurus, 1 of my friends that was actually in the match said that my friend was not using Diloranosaurus, but instead Rajakylosaurus had been duplicated and there was now 2, when there should only of been 1. Now I can’t load in to raids at all.

Area is was found in:

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Put Rajakylosaurus in your raid team.
Step 2 - Load up the match only to be stuck on the screen where you’re in battle, but it won’t let you battle.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Every time I have loaded up a raid match now, no matter what creature I use.

What type of device are you using:
It happened on both my Android phone and my Apple iPad
Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
I would like to play the Mortem Rex raid tomorrow please, if I can’t I hope I can get a Mortem Rex incubator in my mail, if not then it should be fixed, otherwise this is entirely unfair and really annoying just loading in to a battle to wait 15 minutes to do nothing, probably even to lose, so it is a really big annoyance and I would like it fixed before tomorrows Mortem Rex raid please.

Edit: Sino raid still loads up fine, so maybe I will try Mammotherium again and maybe you just have to go in to another raid to fix it.

I can confirm Instant Invincibility is broken as it won’t let you in to the match. I loaded in to the Mammotherium Raid with Allosinosaurus just fine, but then I tried Ardontosaurus(Who has Instant Invincibility) and the game simply won’t load in.

Hey all. We believe us players have identified a bug. IF you use a dinosaur with an instant invincibility ability while entering a raid it will cause the raid to crash. Everybody will be locked out in the please stand by window, and you won’t be able to log back in for like 20 minutes. So good luck finding a tank.
. This includes dinos luke dioraja, rajaky, anky and anky hybrids, tryko and maxima. Please be aware of


In my case, each time I used Anky the raid didn’t crash but I myself was unable to load the raid. This didn’t occur when I selected a creature that didn’t have the instant invincibility move.

Are you saying the others got in, and you didnt?

I’m pretty sure. They were able to beat it, even though I was unable to participate.

did you get an award? If you got an award, they beat it.

I did. So in my experience, it only seems to effect the user of the instant invincibility dino.

@Ned could you pass this on to the team? It might be worth looking into.

I placed a warning for the people who only read the general chat, and a board moderator merged it with this bug reports. Because of that, people will suffer painfully, Sometimes it is not the best choice to merge a topic.

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if you try to see “instant invicibility” creature stats. This happen

Hey everyone, I’m sorry to hear that this is happening! Our team is aware of the issue with Invincibility, and they’re currently working on addressing this.

Is it fixed yet? I want to do the Mortem Rex raid with my Trykosaurus please.

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