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Using gemmes for golds or?

Hello guys !
I have 5000 gems and I want to buy the offer of gold coins. Is there a better offer than the + 10%, 4500 gemmes for 110000 golds ? Or a better way to use gems?

Do you need the gold?

In my opinion, the best use of gems is for the 2 for 1 legendary card pack deal for a specific character.

Gold, in my experience, is not a limiting resource, especially with the updated functionality of the sell extra gear feature.

The 2 for 1 Legendary is a VIP offert no ?

Only the last time it has been VIP only, before these offers were for all.
But given that more and more things are becoming VIP only, I fear it could take a while before a public 2 for 1 legendary is available

Sometimes, legendaries are also sold by Durnan in his store (2000 gems). A lot more expensive than the 2 for 1, but on the other hand, you know which legendary you’ll get. I have twice missed out on a legendary because I lacked gems, so I try to stay above 2000 now.

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@ Morathis_Ditch

Yes there’s a +20% bonus for VIP - I’ve only seen it once myself and loaded up with all the gems I had.

Durnan also sells legendaries in his shop for 40000 gold. It’s the first time I’ve seen one offered for gold, sadly I didn’t have enough to buy it…


Oh wow! I’ve never had that offer in my game before. Sadly, I wouldn’t have enough Gold to buy it as well. :sweat_smile: