Using Gems

Two days back to back, after losing in the exploring quest part of the game, and me reacting to the loss, my right thumb held on to my phone in the exact position where the dev placed the revive for 250 gems button. Before I could even see the screen, I was back in the game… it’s so frustrating that there isnt a confirmation button… can you please add a confirm button for ever gem transaction in the game. You already do this for sillier mechanics.

Now I’m not sure if the user interface team placed that button there on purpose… but, most all other games have a confirm to use special rare paid currency. This is a must. My motivation to play this, has quickly faltered. 500 gems gone now for nothing is quite an expensive technical issue… especially for me, I’m F2P… argh.


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I totally see the issue and fully agree that there should be a confirmation button opposite where the button to spend it is so you don’t get a double tap problem as well.

Yup, that is an EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS button which should have been either removed or updated 9+ months ago; part of UI design 101: protect users from performing dangerous actions accidentally. There’s already at least one existing thread on the subject:

Wow… the tech person said it rarely happens to other players and that I need to be careful…