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Using My Horrible Art Skills To Celebrate Jurassic Worlds 5th Anniversary


Well,not really as bad art skills as mine though.

you’d be surprised my friend

Nothing is worse than mine,trust me.

I am worst than both of you but I have a level 20 t-rex

damn dude no need to flex on us like that


I haven’t finished battle stage 10

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Okay,we know,the T Rex Breakout event last monday and the stuff during the JP Week. Now it is the JW Week.

it has begun my friends
witness the normie attempt to be able to draw

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What is normie?

its a term used to describe somebody who doesn’t really understand some more difficult things or how to do them. A person with commonly held beliefs, tastes or interests


That actually looks good. The Rubik’s cube you drew is unnaturally easy to solve tho. Well, technically it can’t be scrambled.

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@Predator_X haha i like that actually, it was supposed to be a present but i can definetely see that XD

Why does Indominus have eyebrows?

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i forgot at first but i remember now. I wanted to make her feel more human in a way and so I went for a very humanised expression on her face. The wide eyes, rounded pupils and tears being a very humanoid reaction to extreme levels of affection, to which she had received from whoever had thrown her her birthday party (you’ll find that out when I finish my fanfiction story(and not the type of fanfiction you might be thinking of, its more wholesome)). I decided to add the eyelashes both because it compliments the expression on her face, what i wanted her to be feeling and the fact that she is a girl

Thats called a real artist :joy:

its a masterpiece i know, im kind of proud of it though

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Your drawing looks like the real indominus rex!

You are an artist! Your drawing is a masterpiece! And your words are excellent!

even if that is sarcastic thanks

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