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Using scent capsules, the joke of this game!

When your surroundings are infested with completely USELESS SUCHOMIMUS and you’re so desperate to catch some good DNA that you decide to trade 50 cash for 5 scent casules… such a joke. Yet another purchase you don’t need to consider :slight_smile:

You bought common scent capsules and were surprised when they spawned the most common common in your local? :woman_shrugging:


Just wanna point out that we have at least 3 spawns you don’t show… I’m basing two of them off the fact that the two 55 second spawns are at different angles, something that wouldn’t be easy to do in less than a second, so I’m saying 3.

Anyways, I’m not trying to criticize you about ot or anything, as I very often get 5 minute scents that spawn nothing but Majungasaurus. I moreso bring it up because others could use it as leverage against your post. Not saying anyone WILL, just that they COULD. I’m actually curious if any of the spawns not shown were anything good.

Edit: I actually just realized something… The common I see most often seems to depend on if I’m using a scent. I definitely see mostly Majungasaurus WITH scents up, but I’m pretty sure I actually see more Deinorechirus as random spawns… Kind of interesting, huh? :thinking:


You’re stationary… missing out on spawns


Scents only pull dinos from the zone you’re in. If Sucho is everywhere, guess what will most likely spawn with a common scent. I’m about to go hunt Erlik with epic scents and I’ll be using my large scents on the way there for some d2. Scents do make a big difference. You don’t always get exactly what you want but sometimes you get more than expected.


I like the scents as well. Went to a spot a catch deino yesterday. There was a kentro there waiting for me when I arrived, prior to starting the scent. I usually run common scents here. I needed a few stego’s so I tried running a scent of claws there yesterday. Was great. Didin’t get a single raptor squad. I got 3 dracorex instead followed by the usual apato and stegos. With one minute left in the scent I got a sino. Was great. I find they make a big difference if you can find a good place to run them

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Never in ur life should u ever use any scent capsules in Local 4 at night except maybe rare if u need the spino and giraffatitan. Even during the day its not worth using unless u need parasaur. Because Local 4 is the most useless local ever, I know this from experience as I live in L4…


Look at the amount of darts and you’ll see that they differ. The spawns often happen at similar timing f/i directly after activating, one at 3:05 and one at 1:55 or 0:55.

Also: yes, because soo many creatures are common it actually does surprise me that they only spawn a creature that’s already around in entire armies.

Some of the tips actually are usefull so I’ll take them into consideration. Thanks

I feel your pain, I got 3/3 Diplocaulus from my 5min scent. But they do only spawn whatever normally spawns in your area. So not really worth using them at home unless you need them for dailies. Plus if you use them while walking, you will spawn 2 at a time.

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Mine are always on the minute. 5min, 3min and 1 min.

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Tell me about it I just bought 5 and I only got majung I’m not kidding

I have only purchased a few Epic scents, I mostly use the ones from strike towers and spins so do not have a ton of experience to draw from. I have received quite a few Rare and Epic from the strike towers though! This is what I have noticed:

I found using Rare and Epic scents that the place you use them in makes a big difference. If I use them in a place I never see Epic or Rare I only get the minimum of 1 per scent. I have done this in different locals trying for specific DNA. When I use a scent in an area I have seen wild Epic and Rare before, I got several from each scent.

As some areas are much better for hunting, those same area are much better for scents. So if there is a neighborhood or few block area where you regularly dart the desired species, use the scents there. Just going to a local in hopes of spawning that locals Epic or Rare, is not going to produce as much.

I have had Epic spawn from the 5-minute and 20-minute ones doing this. Set them off in an area you know has a higher density of the desired spawns. If I use them just hanging out in a random place, I only get whatever the local common is.

Has anyone else noticed this or have I just been in the right place at the right time when using scents?



The bigger joke is the fact that scent capsules were purchased at all. Like come on man. Seriously? You can’t use a common scent capsule while remaining stationary and expect anything different from the commons that spawn in your area. You gotta go out of your zone.

I wouldn’t mind more suchomimus but when I use scent capsules it’s the free ones I get periodically from supply drops and strike towers.

Don’t buy them. Waste of money.


I was buying some to hunt Tarbo from my house for a few months. I kind of had too. I don’t like the idea of going out hunting for dinosaurs at night. Not that I live in a shady area, I’m just a big chicken! :joy:


Hey! At least it’s Sucho! Now you can have a suchotator, as long as ya have iritator. I have 50k+ iritator and 40 odd suchomimus! I’m jealous of that!


Come get Some. Its infested here


OP, do you know there is a way to use scent capsules to your advantage?

And don’t bother buying small or large scent capsules, you get enough free ones during the week.

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Rather Suchomimus than the crap Einiosaurus that I get.

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What were you hoping to find with the known percentages using a common scent in L4?