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Using Scents

Has anyone tried using scents to draw in the cats? Do any of them work?

They won’t. Unfortunately the daily spawns are not part of the same scent table as the local/global so there is not a way to attract them with a scent.


Scents do not work with the daily creatures.

Edit: Ladies first - what she said


Thank you, I wasn’t sure whether to buy more and try or not.

Uh what?? I’m shocked…

How weird, I was sure I got several Tany from my common scent today. Maybe so many spawned I just misremembered.

I will take it as daily epic spawn and common spawn are independent one to another. You won’t have your local epic spawn rate diluted by daily epic spawn. In other word, local epic spawn rate remain intact, while local commons are mostly replaced with daily commons?

Most likely but if you have a screen it would be interesting :slightly_smiling_face:

Hopefully rares non hybrids are commons. If you walk around you should find some of them. Good luck!

This explains it very well

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Me after reading this:

Kudos to the writer!!!

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I don’t think in general you should have tany spawned in scents according to the article. The only exception is when you can have anything uncommonly spawn in where it normally shouldn’t. But it is a rare sight.