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Using Smilonemys @ level 26/27 fits in almost all 30 Team?


After a very very successful time in NY (work and JWA hunting both) I am close to go back to home country. I end-up level 24 Smilonemys with 5,000 Carbo spare DNA (spent most of the day time in parks and end-up finding average 4 Carbo every day with average darting around 250 DNA per session).

I am sure if I get lucky and with this weekend Carbo event, I likely can take him to level 26 to 27.

I didn’t tried to play with him yet and no boosts into him; though from the move kit feels like he is not really good especially when armor dinos from enemy around. And not sure if he can fit at level 27 into a team of level 30 (with 2x level 29) unique.

I know from tier list on gamepress he is tyrant; so I want feedback from you guys.

My current team is: Dio, Tryko, Erlidom, Utranix, Thor, Magna (level 29), Ardentis (level 29), Indoraptor (original).

If I want to try Smilon level 27 around in my team, who I replace from my team then?


??,& Smilonemys I’m guessing?

Edit ok now I see it.

Sorry was unclear. I am mentioning Carbo DNA and team of uniques so I thought it was obvious that I am talking about Smilonemys.

Maybe Dio? Or Tryk because either of those are pretty much the same.

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i dont believe a word. :man_shrugging:


And is level 29 Erlikospyx good enough (with tier-6/6/7) to replace Indoraptor (original) with tier-6/6/7 ?

which one? :slight_smile:

I don’t know, to me I’d personally stick with Indo because it’s basically another imune, and bleed isn’t really relevant now. That’s up to you though.

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You must be very luck. We have a guy in my alliance that lives in NY and has saw 1. I am not even gonna bother saying how many hours I have wasted in parks and have seen a grand total of 0.


I’m going to New York next week and I plan on spending some time in Central Park. I’m hoping I have the same kind of luck as you did.

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I think I might be lucky for this. I frankly 3+ times saw 2x of them in like 200 to 300m circle.

I am mostly spending time in NY Central Park and parks near it like Riverside park.

Any suggestion for my above question?

Best of luck :slight_smile:

What you said

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I am really not here to prove what I am saying is true … just asking for suggestion.

So you can understand I don’t really care if you believe what I wrote OR not. Thanks

@Pateradactyl @Roary Check these screen-shots out … just to show more than words …

Level 25 now and I can likely be at 27 end of this week.

And Just for reference my big fuses (got back to back 60 and 50s and 30s few times); Seems like there are some prefer timings for my account to get good fuses and also have to consume bad fuses first to start getting good ones for some time.

While uploading realised that its not clear from screen what was the fuse but you can see from the brightness that its not 10 or 20 … It was 60 fuse

And still i stand here :

Hopefully this will change in about 2 hours.But still i have been left behind by miles.

I guess I’m the 1 who has to point towards the elephant in the chat room… a few days ago we had a lengthy post discussing the virtual impossibility of having this dino at a high level already yet we’re giving someone who claims to have seen 3 carbos a day a pass because they’re a forum dweller. 1st, that’s roughly 50,000x the spawn rate the rest of the world is seeing. 2nd, no one living in New York is reporting these spawn levels and 3rd, there’s no chance you spent hours a day in central park over multiple days without getting mugged (that last 1 is the kicker for me)


I am not going to argue with you. Though i can just say that i had level 20 carbo and 210/250 on smilon before even i flew to NY from my city The Hague.

If you see there are lots of parks even in the Hague and many days no carbo but boom i had days of seeing 3x of carbo in a single day.

Its more than a month when carbo was released and i am still showing level 25 smilon not something like crazy level 27 someone faced around 10 days ago

Use sanctuaries?