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Utah or not


Should I put a lvl 18 Utahsin in my team an if so what would u swap out. ???


prob try swapping in for that TenontoRex component first, sorry, the name escapes me.




Yes, that one


Yeah, Allosinosaurus is better anyways, so I would say replace Tyrannolophosaur with Utahsino.


But da Tyran is so much higher?


The thing is I notice in battles da Utahsino is kicking my team butt, sometimes!! My Utahsino lvl is low so it’s health sucks! I suppose I could just try it out anyways. True?!


Stop leveling monolometrodon


Ohh! I’m sooo attached to it, I’ve put a lot of work an coin into it, an it does win me matches. :disappointed_relieved:


I aware not many people like it! But it kicks butt if used right.


Sure thing…

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When u get to near end game let me know how that monolometrodon is still doing for you :joy:


Swap tyrant for Utah…I leveled Utah to 26 and boosted…can often take out half an opponents team on its own.


Or swap allino for Utah…you’ll have a hard time leveling both allino and Thor together.