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Utah vs Thor Crit %

Since 1.7 update, I’ve noticed my Utahsinoraptor’s critical impact crit % seems nowhere near 45%. It’s more like 10-20%. Whereas Thor seems to crit at least 40% (and often more like 50-60%). Am I the only one that’s noticed this? Or is anybody else using Utah noticed this lower crit rate too?

Utah has a chance to crit? I would have never guessed that… Thor on the other hand… lol

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Yes Utah’s critical impact move is supposed to be +40 to base 5% critical rate. But it seems since 1.7 it’s 40% increase from 5% and not 45% total.

Mine still crits as usual… feels like 45 %

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I feel like Thor crits every hit, especially if it isn’t mine.

Wait… Utahsinoraptor can crit 45% of the time?! Even before 1.7, mine rarely crits with Crit Impact.

In a strike I did once The opponent Thor didn’t crit once but the erlindom crit twice?!

The 45% crit is only with the critical impact move…otherwise its only a 5% crit for any other move.

I know. It was a joke…