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Utahraptor Gen 2 AKA Deinonychus

Ok, this a little bit of a conspiracy theory, but hear me out. Deinonychus in jurassic world alive would appear to be just a recolour of Utahraptor, and I think I know why. I believe that the current Deinonychus was originally planned to be Utahraptor gen 2. “But Why would this change?” you may ask. and to that I point to the recent leaks regarding the practicall effect heads leaked for Dominion. They appear very similar to the velociraptors, but a tad larger. I believe that this leaked Dinosaur species is indeed Utahraptor. But what does this have to do with Deinonychus in JWA? well, I believe that Ludia would be informed of the upcomming new dinosaurs so that they may plan ahead with adding the new dinosaurs. If those practical effects are indeed Utahraptor, then they would likely be added as a Gen 2 variant of Utahraptor to JWA, Thus why the originally planned Utahraptor Gen 2 Would be relabeled as Deinonychus. But thats just my random train of thoughts

Deinonychus doesn’t look like a recoloured Utahraptor to me. It looks just as different from Utahraptor as any of the other raptors.


yeah. utah has a long face

For me, Deinonychus is nothing more than a Velociraptor Gen 2, because ela is shown in the films (but a less realistic and featherless version).

its more of pyroraptor, but same thing.

uhtahraptor is the base design for all the raptor. utah is just a bigger one while velociraptor is a smaller one or supposes to be.

I think it’s the fluffy tail that makes it look similar to Utah and Pyro.