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UtahRaptor Gen 2. Why not?

So I’ve been thinking about UtahRaptor Gen 2 since we have spinosaurus Gen 2, we can have UtahRaptor Gen 2 So that we can have spinoraptor gen 2. Spinoraptor Gen 2 should have 2000+ health and 1000+ attack, or at least attack that rounds up to 1000.

I’m a huge Fan of Spinoraptor, or any spinosaurids as you can tell, And I really would love to have this boi. It’s 2 birds with one stone since UtahRaptor is my favorite raptor and second favorite Dino.

Do you guys think you know how he would look like?
What about the Spino raptor G2?
Can you draw them and do stats? (Or imagine how they look like)

With 2000 health and 1000 attack while it is fused with a tourney creature (spino g2) is waaaaaaayyyyy too weak

Should it really come?

  • Yes sir
  • No sir
  • I don’t even know sir
  • Potato
  • Beans

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Can you fix those stats?

I am thinking lvl 40 stats to look like:
Health: 8690
Attack: 4854
DNA cost: 63,000

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Yes yes, that will make it a good Boi. Quick question is it the strongest raptor?

According to my knowledge, yes

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Other than Indoraptor

I might draw its stats and the dino itself at each evolution soon so I will update u on that if i decide to

Yes. Other than the indoraptors

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I was so proud About it being the strongest but than That thought of 20,000 Health Headshoted me with a sniper

I dont know spinoxys would not be that bad, but yeah maybe spinoraptor gen 2, I would love something like the jurassic world evolution spinoraptor.


Only problem is that They Do the same structure as the other creature. Unless it was like spinosaurus Gen 2 because he had different Spike shape on His head

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