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Utahraptor special attack

I attacked Concaveator in Gold Event Challenge with Pounce attack using Utahrapor, it countered with Armour pierce and then Armour Pierce.

Damage was not reduced by 50 percent but around 25 percent. It had attack of around 952 and damage received was 752 twice, not 476 as expected. Seen this happen before with Armour piercing attack, were Pounce attack does not reduce damage by 50 percent. Lost the challenge due to this bug.

If the damage for conc was 952 the counter should’ve been 476. But it’s attack wouldnt be 476. Its defense shattering impact does 1.5 damage. Which is 714.

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Yeah sorry dude, you forgot the Concav’s bypass armour attack (Defense Shattering Impact) is 1.5x attack.

Therefore the lvl 24 attack is 953 but at 1.5x is 1,429. That reduced by 50% is 714.

Like the Counter attack, it was single 1x attack. Already been hit by 1.5 attack previously.

You sure the counter didn’t get a crit though?

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Yes, had same tonight, hit T Rex with Pounce attack, it hit me with 1.5 times 1240 attack, no critical, got hit for 1600 damage. It should have been 900 damage not 1600!
Saying that with same player, 3 stuns in a row didn’t work.

I would suggest recording your battles so when it does happen you have the video to show it.

I have a glaring feeling we won’t be seeing any recorded matches :thinking:

Recorded match would be funny, 3 stuns in row - not working, Pounce attack not working, then 3 attacks from opponents overly boosted T-Rex all hitting at Critical level - feeling of Deja Vu , when wrote this.

So record it, and show us how your pounce isn’t working. We want to see it