Utahraptor strictly better than pyroraptor now?


I can’t find any reason why Utah isn’t just a better, more common pyro now. Discuss.


Totally Agreed there!


The Spinotahraptor might be better than both now that Pounce has been nerfed. Both Utah and Pyro and worth catching to collect DNA for their respective hybrids though.


Have spinosaurus spawn rates increased?


Today alone I saw 3 Spinosaurus which is more than I’ve seen in the past week combined. Don’t know how it is for other areas though.


Saw one spinosaurus, and spinosaurus gen 2 yesterday, and one spinosaurus today. Usually I never see them in my area, so I believe their spawns have increased.

  1. Loads of Apato.
  2. 1st time saw TRex Gen 2 in the wild - different area than 1.
  3. 1st time saw Erliko (Epic) in the wild - same area as 2.
  4. Saw few Erlikos (Rare) - same area as 2.
  5. 1st time saw Stegoceratops (Epic), 2 of it, in the wild (non-event) - same area as 2.
  6. Came across few Gorgo, Nodo, Triceratops (Rare), and Owen’s raptors as normal.
  7. Saw few Utah also - quite surprising since it always spawn at night. Not day.


So the utahraptor a rare vs a pyroraptor an epic just beat out a pyroraptor. I don’t see the point of getting a pyroraptor anymore since the third attack is worst than the Utah. They completely messed up the pyroraptor and made it worst.


Delta > Charlie > Utah > Pyro > Echo

The pyroraptor is only better than echo because of speed honestly :scream:


Is spinothuraptor worth the fuse?


What about Blue & Velo?


Oops I forgot to add just the rares in that list lol. Didn’t include Blue since leveling her up can be very challenging, and not many players put her on their teams just yet. Blue and Delta are definitely tieing up there. Speaking of the new update, is Blue in the wild now?

The full version :grin:
Velociraptor > Blue/Delta > Charlie > Utahraptor > Pyroraptor > Echo


I have a level 14 blue and honestly with the damage nerf she kinda sucks now lol. Maybe if she had at least 200 more HP with long defense instead of short.


Yikes, I haven’t really looked into blue’s new stats yet, that doesn’t sound too promising for her. I’ll just have to stick with the veloci and the utah until I can somehow managed to get a high enough delta/ charlie, and replace the utahraptor all together.


I had a lot of Delta spawns in my neighborhood, don’t know if they are still there now. But mine is LV 16 already and that’s nice.


I don’t see replacing utahraptor for a while