Utahsinoraptor combo


hello, explorers.

today, I’m posting about one of the most
powerful combo in this game.

as you know, utahsinoraptor is slower than
many other raptors.

distracting impact is not the best move,
and 15% armor will not work well in battles.

but, this hybrid have a massive combo system.

and if you use it right(ex) against rexs),
this will show you the way to win.

first, use distracting impact to reduce damage.

second, use critical impact and hope for crits.

third, use instant charge to stun enemy.

some of them will knocked out before
you use instant charge(turn 2).

but it can be wrong.

enemys like stegoceratops can slow it down
and stun it for 1 turn.

most of raptors will die in next turn(turn 3),
but utahsinoraptor can use instant charge
in turn 3 and gains a chance to survive and
beat those things.

but it won’t work for stegodeus.
(stegodeus op :frowning: )

so if you want to play this slower raptor right,
let this fight against armor piercers.

they are slower, no immunity, no slowing abilities,
and no armor(except alosino and tryko).

just like utahsinoraptor, all dinos got strategies
and combos.

and if you mastered those skills,
(I’m not mastered yet)
your game will be much easier to play,
and you can call yourselves as a skilled players.
(except overpowered or unfortunate)

have fun.