Utahsinoraptor instant stun


I don’t have one yet, but the instant stun doesn’t seem to be going off. I fought three in the last hour or so, and none of them stunned my dino. I can’t be that lucky. Anyone else with a Utahsinoraptor have any input?


Mine did stun my opponent. I know the stun was working in those battle towers they put out. My 19 Utahsinoraptor took out that 22 Brachiosaurus today all by itself and I clearly recall the stun worked on it although the thing is so tall the swilling stars were way at the top of the screen.


Instant Charge only stuns 75% of the time now, just like Greater Stunning moves.


You indeed are that lucky. I faced some utahsinoraptors and their instant stun always worked for me.


I find runs of everything coming off for me and runs of nothing coming off for me. Unlike say a real world dice game when I don’t get five sixes then five ones and if I did those dice would get hit by a hammer.

Suspect the code weights the RND with even more RND. So over time the percentages are true.

I actually like RND but its just feels too much. Just hope they don’t remove it totally. Could simply be a rogue piece of code.