Is it worth powering up my utahsinoraptor past level 20 or should I focus on his hybrid instead? My Dracorex is currently maxxed at level 13. I was wondering because I have 6 more tries for this week and didn’t know if I should go with ankly or sino right now.

I leveled mine up to 21 just to beat level 20’s because I use him. My dracorex is 16 so it will be a while for me. I’ll regret it eventually, but not for a while. Same with my rajakylosaurus, brought it up to 22. Personal preference really. Immediate or delayed gratification.

Dont forget Thoradolosaur will want sino DNA as well.
Both anky and sino will be good choices, since both will make a tank buster (tryko/thoradolosaur).
Also diorasaur and utahsinoraptor/urarinex are good, so try to look at what your team needs most now and focus on that.