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Utarinex 1.7 and other Unique Hybrids


Hello little friends, I clarify that I will not abandon the game because of these changes, but this changes are worrying … I admit that the stat boost, are not bad at all, I’m sure they can work, minus RNG for the game
Now, I can say with freedom, utarinex is no longer better than utasinoraptor, no more.
-600 hp for rinex, more damage for utasino, why not?, where are the little friends that say that rinex is better for its ability to survive due to its great hp? COMPARE plz:


+10 damage xd
Rinex +5% crit and rampage and run, woow ludia thx!.. -600 hp… omg return the original rinex!

Erlidominus has less life than indominus, and for that indominus is better? Of course not, I-rex has a lot of life but its speed is lamentable
Utasino has less life than rinex, but has armor and distracting impact … and for that diference is worse than rinex? nope … rinex can be useful if stat boost is used! … but why not give it to utasino? …
UTASINORAPTOR> UTARINEX, it’s slower, and other things!!. Rinex now takes advantage of utasinoraptor in hp for only 600 … but this is rewarded with 45% crit + damage + armor and speed! worth it utasino! You should never have taken your HP, it’s a unique! should not be nerfed in that way, now rinex is very weak, have put rampage, but what’s the use if there are faster dinos than her? well if the rampage and run are a priority attack, things change

Tenontorex -10 damage and little buff on thoradolosaur, why ludia does not exchange the life of edmontoguanodon and tenontorex … tenontorex would be better with that change, remember that tenontorex does not have nulifier attack from its ancestor the dilophosaurus, well ludia what are you doing?, pterovexus now swap in evasion, but the stats are the same…
remember guys this patch is about 0 dodge, evasion and others, pterovexus will not be better with a 50% evasion, another thing, pterovexus was creatted with the idea of create a "FLYER BLEEDER! " but instead, what do we have? an unfortunate bleeder… she needs the stats of monomimus 1.14 and a little rework… I’m sure people would think I’m wrong and that, but it’s just a matter of thinking … it’s utasino better than rinex?, the change of the base stats of the dinosaurs Are they the most correct?.. comment



I just can’t understand WHY they mixture with all our END-GAME dinos.

Okey to give some dinos buffs, but to make some worse. No logic.


maybe because if you leave rinex alone imagine the hp plus speed/dmg boosts afterwards

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Yep the original unique hybrids are extinguish


would not be better utasinoraptor¡?


We have no idea how mutch this will cost.

To pay even more to dinos we already invest in is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


its always been able to beat rinex no? think of them as individual against other foes.

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anyways. new dinos to think of now. dont get left behind. test it after rework then decide if its still usable.

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No bro we are talking about the base stats, no the stat boost, the stats boost of hp all for utasino, you’re right new dinos, but, the coins?


I just can’t believe that Ludia wants to ruin a good unique that is NOT OP!!! That dino didn’t need any nerf at all! It won’t be able to survive more than 2 hits and Utasinoraptor can one shoot it with critical attack now. Other raptor hybrids have 3200-3600 HP but they are very fast and Utarinex is NOT!


I still like Utarinex because rampage and run swaps in something. And SIA gets slightly more viable every patch.


I see distracting being more important when this shakes out. I’m not sure Tenotorex got a nerf at all when this all shakes out .we shall see


Regardless of all that until this all shakes out “nerfed to death” and “so OP” should be shelved. This is a massive shake up. What you think you know for now is likely wrong. And by likely I mean join a long line of wrong folks on the day of patch notes.


Yeah… i will still be running rinex in 1.7 and I absolutely love the fact that I can run both on my team and they both have different situations they excel in. You cant cry about diversity… then cry because uniques arent flat out better then their components.

Either uniques and legendaries can both be viable or they cannot and everyone runs the same teams. I for one want as many dinos viable as possible. So I disagree with most of the point of this post.

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Well enjoy your weak rinex 3600 hp, -600 hp, is so slow, you’ll never put your rampage and run, the distraction will not safe you this time… luck!


Except it has a slow so it can rampage and run against everything thats not immune if i choose to…


well well, dinos that are slower than rinex, tryostronix, tryko the counter attacks kills you, the distraction will not save you from tryko, thoradolo, if thora get crits kills even with the distraction, utasinoraptor kills rinex, amm monostegotops, i don’t think so, in this moments monostegotops now can kill rinex -600 hp, as I said just my rinex level 27 died with a tryko lvl 25, imagine now with -600 hp xd, erlidominus and diloracheirus can eliminated without problems rinex… ammm bleeders… well rinex really sounds like a bad unique now


If…if…if…paper stats and execution are two different things… these same tears were shed last patch… it still remained high apex despite all the stat experts saying it was way worse then utahsino it still remained on top teams. I expect the same outcome here.


You won’t get a chance to use that move if Utasinoraptor uses CI on your Rinex as it’s faster. It’s absolutely wrong to nerf its HP. I thought their aim was to make all unique dinos equally good.


RIP rinex :frowning: