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Utarinex after the HP nerf but now that we have stat boost

Would like to know what do you think of Utarinex after 1.7 with the HP nerf but with the new stat boost system.

I have a lvl25 Utarinex (lvl26 Thor) and thinking of levelling up Utarinex a bit.

She can still do a lot of damage and even more after 1.7 + the stat boosts can really push her even more to the top.

boosts are the cure for nerfs - the side effects are massive debilitating headaches, but only for your opponents.

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I love using her now. I gave her quite a bit of help but being already “pretty fast” at 126 base speed, keeping her ahead of the pack is much more realistic than trying to do that with Thor and Tenontorex. Those are fun to use now with all the speed boosts but it is not very sustainable. Rinex, if you are committed to her can stay ahead of the pack much longer


I played a pretty strong boosted rinex earlier today and it was quite good… i said after reading the patch notes rinex spot wouldnt change much… it got tweaked to survive a little less and but that rampage stacks best with boosts.

She’s good with boosts but not as good as utasino :grin: with boosts


Rinex is more versatile than Utasino with the rampage and run. The speed issue is no longer as noticeable since people, rightfully so, are more hesitant to dump a ton of boosts into a Legendary Dino. If i had both at level 30 I would boost Rinex first. A few of my Alliance mates have both and most run Rinex only 2 (that I know of) have given as much love to Utasino.

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Don’t use it… I’m Utasino lover… but as an opponent, I have to say Rinex bothers me more now. That Rampage and Run is devastating and the 10% crit feels like 30 or 40%

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