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Utarinex And Diloracherius Unique Movesets

Remember these two? I don’t because I never progressed enough in the first year. Continuing the unique movesets, I created some for these two forgotten stunners. They are mostly inspired by their parents and improve.

Health: 3750
Damage: 1600
Armor: 10%
Critical: 5%
Speed: 127
Decelerating Distraction
Critical Rampage And Run
Distracting Impact
Instant Stunning Impact

Even if it can’t debuff the opponent, it can still put a lot of hurt on them. If they aren’t or can’t cleanse, they’ll struggle against the DD and DI combo performed correctly. The instant stunning impact does even more damage than Thor’s instant charge, which should help it greatly.

Health: 3650
Attack: 1500
Speed: 129
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%
Superior Speedup Strike
Nullifying Distracting Impact
Nullifying stunning rampage
Stunning rampage and run

This new moveset allows it to not have to worry about an IG2’s mutual fury, keep up with Erlidominus and Erlikospyx, and even get a free swap-out. Of course, it’s pointless if they are immune, or if it fails, but it can still help nonetheless.

Do you like these new movesets? Leave them in the comments!

If the current Rinex and Dilorach’s cunning effects can bypass immunity these 2 may be able to get back to Tyrant tiers. But having that will be either too weak or too broken, either leave immunity as it is and have these 2 still useless or have the immunity be bypassable and have these versions take action and they will be too broken. So, yes, I would love to see a Dilorach and Rinex buff but not in this way.

This is just wayyyy too much. Like with rhinex, you have to reduce the damage if you want the crit rampage and run. Otherwise that’s 4000 damage.

It’s already better than thor, so instant charge is fine

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I thought we all agreed on not giving any more creatures a move with more than 3 effects…
(SMSS speeds up, Cleanse distraction, slow opponent and apply vulnerability)