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Utarinex and DracorexGen2 are too powerful


I think its pretty obvious by now that Dracorex Gen 2 was grossly miscalculated as far as how strong it is. Some really high level players go as far as saying that its really not as strong as it seems, but the ease of access of this dinosaur at the lower arenas, combined with its strong ability to end games out of nowhere makes DG2 really hard to deal with, and extremely frustrating. The fact that it can be swapped out in 1 turn is what makes this really hard to deal with. I understand trying to make otherwise not so great dinos good, but this is going a bit too far.

And then there is Utarinex, a unique that has very few if any counters and easily abused movesets. This unique does so much damage, and it is very hard to counter its distracting rampage and run strategies. This thing does too much damage turn 1, and completely shuts off 90% of the dinos in the game. Superiority strike has no effect on this since they can follow up with instant charge turn 2. If anything needs to be toned down a bit on this unique, its the damage. Changing its rampage to impact would make it much more fair. If you look at all the other uniques you realize that they all have at least some balance to them.

I am not ATTACKING distracting rampage, the move can stay on pyrritator and other dinos as is. This is against Utarinex having it combined with instant charge, combined with a running move, combined with its base damage, and combined with its HP. Utasinoraptor has distracting impact not rampage. How did Utarinex inherit this move? I would expect magnapyritor to have this move or even spinotasuchus (which I do not advocate at all)

Due note that even the individuals who have it cannot deny its sheer guaranteed power. It is alarming to know that players like Pocemon defend it. No one can honestly deny how op this thing is.


Dracorex gen2 I can say yes it needs to be changed, but do not dare to touch my utarinex :smiley: Utrainex can be countered by a lot of dinos that are faster even her component utasino can take here down 1v1 (also indom or indoraptor can take her down)
If any unique needs to be “nerfed” or balanced start with tryko or diloracheirus. Now these two are way more OP than utarinex.

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Just another guy who doesn’t know how to counter a dino and comes here to rant …

Seriously ppl, learn to play the game first before asking for a nerf.


well he/she has a point that dracorex gen2 is an abomination :smiley: (I have one on my team but won’t waste my coins on her to power up even more as I am 1000% sure that Ludia will nerf her in 1.6)

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Bruh don’t be ranting about utarinex right before the update. We just dodged a bullet with them considering nerfing him, we really don’t want them to reconsider.


High level ankylocodon isn’t too bad of a counter against him actually

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why should a unique dinosaur not have a rampage attack? There doesn’t seem to be much logic in that.


Just nerf Draco. Then name and shame all the people that use it.


Tell that to Tuoramoloch. Every other unique has a delay on its rampage move except for erlidominus except its not distracting, and he can’t instant charge after that. Hes also balanced due to its low HP. Utarinex is an abomination with the insane amounts of damage this thing can output turn 1. God forbid it lands a critical hit. This isn’t an attack on distracting rampage or instant charge, this is against Utarinex having access to one of the most broken movesets and damage output in the game. I don’t even know where it got distracting rampage from, utasinoraptor has distracting impact. Pyrritator is balanced because it has low hp and can’t do instant charge next turn.


Ok but your original idea was to remove rampage and change it to impact. That is what I am commenting on.

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I wouldnt say weve dodged anything yet… were not in the clear till the patch is live.

Remember dilor…


Yep. With dilorano they actually silent nerfed it then made a mockery of it and changed it back, just to renerf it again next update. Then if I am not mistaken,with SS they changed the text, people noticed, and then after update it took place.

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Yeah they did the same thing with bleeds too. I think the outrage over a month ago was about seeing text changes way to early. I wouldn’t even celebrate if the nerf wasnt in the 1.6 patch notes as diloranos nerf wasnt in the 1.4 notes.

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I suggest you look again. There is enough counters.


I didn’t even notice the bleed. It is def a trend.


Everything can be dealt with. In the end one dino can’t win just by itself.
I’m facing people with level 25 utarinex and countering it with my dinos lvl 20-23. If I can still win battles, it must not be so OP. Perhaps you just have to come up with a strategy?
Dracorex is a gift sometimes, I love one-shooting it when Thor is on my team.


Draco gen2 is one big mistake they made.

Have no problem dealing with Utarinex, while I have problems with Diloracheirus. Still I believe no dino deserves nerf, except Draco g2, but many needs a buff.


Utarenix is a little too strong…just the simple fact that Ludia teased a 1 turn delay on distracting rampage shows that maybe having access to that move on turn 1 is a little too much. People were saying Stegodeus was fair before the armor piercing rampage nerf too, others argued Monomimus was strong but fair also…it’s normal for people to defend something they have invested so many coins into. Utarenix does a little too much damage turn 1 with an instant change as a safety net, that’s the truth. If you don’t want that to be nerfed, why don’t we give Thor his rampage move turn 1 too? Why not tryko? It’s too strong right?


Think they will nerf it somehow anyhows

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Wait a minute, a unique should not be powerful??