Utarinex any good?


Anyone use Utarinex? I’ve fought a few but not thought it was anything special. Wondering if it’s worth doing since sino is in the park soon.


Faced a lot of they, i myself dont have it, but faced a lot overleveled ones, and i didnt have any problems whit him, he have insane dmg, but usually who have him start whit utarinex and usually i start whit a dino whit superior strike, so i clean his ditracting attack and then kill him or let him low life so he must swap, and also astetic is ugly for me. I dont have it and dont planing to create him anytime soon xd


Yeah I’ve faced a couple of them 22+ but stegod cleans him out… lol.

Might just unlock him and give him a try. Thanks!


I usually win hin too whit dilonaro superior strike and great stuning strike and goodbye xd


Stegodeus does the same thing to dilo


Outside of the topic,why does utarinex seem like it has been skinned but somehow survived?


Yeah cause stegodeus is freaking op, he must have the same dmg than gigaspikasaur and x1, 5 piercing defense instead x2 for being balanced


honestly dilo needs a nerf. shouldn’t be able to get off a 1.5x, 2x (+ almost always stun) and another 1.5x attack while your opponent only gets to hit you once in that span.


More than dilo superior strike need a nerf or being removed, is an overkill skill in most of cases, whitout superior strike dilonaro isonly another random raptor like pyrritator or uthasinoraptor


Indeed, superiority strike also ruined a whole class of DoT dinos.


Agree. I can use mine at 16 in arena 8 and its too effective.