Utarinex balance or nerf

What are your thoughts about utar in this new update? Op, not fair, good, balanced, bad or terrible? I personally think it’s kinda op especially when it has 2500 damage and 6k health

Early game - Buff

Late game - Nerfed

The double stun is strong, but most late game dinos have stun immunity / 75% resistance the only one being anky lux.

However swap in resilient strike is a nice swap in for indoT and other dodge users.


Honestly its very balanced,it’s by no means the best swap in but it’s pretty good and a great mid game creature


Should a pure Cunning have double stun…? Utarinex can easily kill Diorajasaur without getting hit once, which is weird to say the least in terms of the Class system.

That’s mainly because of how awful Dio’s resistances are,it should be a Cunning Resilient or a wildcard tho

Indeed. Rinex seems fine, but Dio and other classic creatures definitely should have at least their resistances modernized.