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Utarinex Be The Rat Rampage Instead Of Draco2 Or Dracoceratops... Why Not?


For me makes much more sense an Unique has that so polemic swap in shattering rampage than Dracorex GEN2 or Dracoceratops.

First we all were discussing why a common (Draco g2) has so strong strategy. So it was nerfed and now we discuss its legendary hybrid.

I think that swap surprise gives a funny and surprise element to the game. But when i level Draco to higher level, I start to see its much power that would make more sense for some unique.

The way its now, we see top ranked players having 7 uniques in team and the rat, hahahaha!

Maybe nerf Dracoceratops legendary, some like did with Draco2, and buff Utarinex with that move. More simple than create a new unique hybrid that uses Dracoceratops DNA…

Well… or maybe for Ludia profits is better push people to spend coins to make a new hybrid anyway. :thinking:


Can we not make Utarinex broken again?
Rinex is balanced now, don’t touch it.


._.??? 1.5X DISTRACTION? xd, i don’t think so, is much better Utasinoraptor, armor more speed and more % critic and damage, ok, take your balance

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That’s enough. Please don’t create another rat and leave Utarinex alone. Her move-set and stats are already balance.


So, you find Swap in shattering rampage broken, and your solution is to add it to another dino?

Let me suggest something else - how about we REMOVE this move?

Surprise ! problem solved ! You don’t need to buff other dino to work around the problem. Because there is no more problem ! How about that ?


maybe because i’m part of the people who like the rat?

my opinion is only about rarity, not the move itself.


In that case it should be the Draco unique when it comes as that would make more sense.

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Seemed to me they were going to do that in 1.6, but the amount of “don’t nerf rinex” crybabies appearing after the text change to DR convinced them not to make such grand changes (some of which would have been nerfs in order to balance the addition of the SIA). Too bad, it would have been interesting.

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good too. but have to create/use an intermediate hybrid as its element.


I guess you have leveled your utarinex :joy:


I don’t have Utarinex unlocked yet, but she is dreadful to go up against in the arena. :persevere: I think Dracoceratops’s SIA will make her unstoppable.


Can’t stand rinex so please no.

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Not missing much rinex is easily delt with i could but don’t want to create her


I don’t want rinex to be the scumbag of the arenas… sorry


me? i don’t have it. just thinking that too powerful rampage makes more sense for a unique. lol


I wish they would rework Dracoceratops. Perhaps swap in but only 1 time damage. But then give it a priority damage move (either 1 time or 2 time). This would be easier to counter for most who have other dino’s that are both faster and already have priority moves and could go first etc.


What is funny is ludia sayd a legend created with 2 common will allways be worst than a legend created with rares or epics​:clap::clap::clap: and then they created that cancerous rat a tyrant tier… Again there should not be any swap in move with more then 1x damage.

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Swap in DSR was the biggest mistake they’ve made with this game. It has dulled down the battles drastically. A lot of people who use it can’t win without it. You see the proof when they barely squeak out a win with multiple swap ins and then get smoked the next match 3-0 when they don’t draw DC or D2. What a bore fest.


hahahaha. lol.

maybe ludia is finding this useful for game.
even all this discussion. it was about draco g2, then they nerfed but buffed hybrid.
maybe all this discussion itself is good for game, like discussions about soccer.

polemics… good for game popularity.

if were everybody against the rat, ok. but many people enjoy. so…