Utarinex Counters?

Against my better judgment, I decided to step back into the arena earlier and bam! Level 24 Utarinex in my face!! :scream_cat:

How would you counter something like that? The game picked my weakest/slowest dinos again: Tryostronix (I’m starting to hate her), Allosinosaurus, Trykosaurus, and I can’t remember the 4th but I have no nullifying dino in the mix :frowning: . This person also has a level 24 IndoRaptor to top it off. I did manage to win but I sure don’t remember how that happened now.

Thats a tough one. I kinda hate to say it, but dilo (the unique) works well for me. Faster, distracting and a hard hitter.

Other than that, takes two dinos for me to take down :frowning:

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The only counter I have for a level 24 Utarinex-apaininda-nex is…

Force close!!


I choose Stegodeus or Monomimus (if you are not too much bad luck)

Monomimus use district in first turn, then dodge > 1.5x nullify
If Utari didn’t use impact and run, and your Monomimus didn’t got hit too much times, this would work.

In Stegodeus, use shield in first turn.
Because mostly if you choose Stegodeus, they will use priority stunning in second turn.
You’ll got 75% chance couldn’t do anything in 2nd turn.:joy:
In second & third turn, choose thagomize > 2x rampage.


The game didn’t choose my Monomimus or Stegodeus. It’s strange because 8 out of 10 times these two won’t get chosen, so many a times I’ve had to face IndoRaptor without nullifying dinos :joy:

Should I consider leveling up Erlidominus as a counter?

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I’m so envious of people with high level Utarinex, mine is stuck at 22.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That did cross my mind but then I thought my newly leveled Slowpoke needs her debut tonight.

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i think rajakylo or dioraja or maybe even megalosuchus would be good.
throw up the defenses and then pin it down before it runs away…


When was this??
My Indo and Utarinex are L24… and I lost a bunch of matches this afternoon. Maybe you were one of the ones who destroyed me :joy:


It was about two hours ago. I remember how I won now. In the end, it was Tryko vs Tryko. I had a level 26 and they had a level 21, my Tryko was down to 400 health (because she also took a beating from a level 24 Utahsinoraptor), their Tryko put up the instant invincibility shield and I finished them with defense shattering rampage.


It would be nice to add on my friend’s lists this elite group of rng’s… @Hersh is already added. How about the rest? :thinking:
@wrothgar @Idris @TheMaxx @Tarbosaurus @Heather @Calebrys @Ardens @John_Wayne and so much more…
This people are pretty much active in the forum… :ok_hand:


Go for it :slight_smile: wrothgar 0016.

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Def wasn’t me… still don’t have my Tryko :sob:

Ardens 9803

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TheMaxx #6248

Elridominus cloak first if utharinex fail 1 attack he is dead xd

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I’ve got pretty limited candidates to work with at the moment to counter Utarinex :rofl: I want to level up my own but 4 rare scent capsules in Zone 2 gave me nothing but one of the raptor squad members

Spinotasuchus works well with DOT and critical impact. You do run the risk of utarinex doing an impact and run and having a dino with superiority strike come in though…

This is what I do every time, if possible. If it doesn’t kill it, it’ll scare it off.

I’ve always found that Stegodeus and Megalosuchus to be pretty good counters. But that also took a good bit of trial and error to figure out what works and how vs what people normally do when playing Utarinex.

@Tarbosaurus - I’ve found using Thagomizer to open with Stegodeus works much better…at least it does for me. Since they can’t get around the show, yeah, you’re going to take that full impact from the stun, but that’s pretty small in compared to keeping the speed advantage over Utarinex, imo.