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Utarinex distracting rampage delay


So, I finally got my utarinex created just now. Checking out the moves I notice that the description says there should be a one turn delay in distracting rampage. Is that something it is moving towards? or has it moved away from that? or is it just another dumb glitch?


I have a SS from the day before 1.5 and the day after… neither shows a delay.

That is worrisome :neutral_face:


ooooo noooo they will change that then like the superiority strike it says now reducing 50% speed


My post got hidden, hopefully shows up soon. This is a newish development. I didn’t notice it until you pointed it out.


I’ve been getting my a** handed to me by that little things for weeks, and if the delay was supposed to be there the whole time I’m going to be a bit, umm… upset.

If they’re going to change it after I finally get the damn thing… yeah - still upset.

Why do they never buff the useless uniques I already have!?


Who knows why they do what they do lol.
But if this is going to take effect, and there’s no ATK change to Utarinex, that means at even levels, Magna beats it I think.


that change will be implemented, isn’t the first time they do something like that

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and spinotasuchus


ATK? What is that? This is the only game like this I’ve ever played, don’t know all the terminology yet! haha


Fantastic :unamused:


Sorry, ATK = Attack


Ahh, I thought that’s what it might be.


did they buff its damage in 1.5?

edit: yup they did


Thoradolosaur it has countdown time also xD


Ouch. If that attack ends up with a delay, I might have to dump Utarinex. That changes it drastically.


This is a huge nerf. Why does Ludia always do this? Miscaulation again? The game gets me upset so much now.


as its clearly stated in the patch notes:

any questions?


Omg! Seriously?!

Such a change will totally cripple this Unique and put it into the same category as Tuoramoloch. :pleading_face:


Why is Utasino suddenly becoming better than its UNIQUE hybrid? It doesn’t have the delay listed for it. What is this garbage?


None of this is surprising. Only thing surprising is Dilos buff with the new SS…

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