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Utarinex & Erlikospyx should have swap in move

I think that both those unique dinos deserve to have a swap in move like any new top tier dinos. So many people benched Utarinex because it’s not that great anymore. Quetzorion has swap in dodge and it’s immune to distraction so why Utarinex/Erlikospyx can’t be as good as Orion?

Utarinex could have swap in stun and Erlikospyx swap in distraction/wound.

Utarinex: Swap In DSR. :ok_hand:t2:

A lot of uniques don’t have swap ins. Thor doesn’t, Tenontorex doesn’t (could use swap in stun though, I mean that was Tenonto’s signature, not exactly the superiority strike), Erlidom doesn’t, Tuoramoloch doesn’t …
For the Spyx, I kind of wish it had an immunity to swap in attacks instead.
Utarinex could use the shield-shattering precise strike from Dracorex.

That would make them rather overpowered, so they should get some sort of nerf when did happens also.
I’m still happy with my rinex the way it is, don’t need it to change.

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Thor has a priority move - instant charge so it’s fine. Tenontorex crits more than anything else in the game. :wink:

I don’t think it would make them OP. Does it mean Orion is OP as well? Rinex is not very relevant in the current meta because we have many immune creature to stuns and distraction.

Orion has limited damage output compared to rinex, it’s not the same as a rinex with a swap in dodge.

It doesn’t really. It has sidestep move that will protect it in turn one.

While taking some damage and dealing none. Rinex always does damage.

I don’t know about Tenontorex critting more than anything else. Thor seems to chain crits on me, my Tenonto barely crits, and when it does, it’s usually on his weakest attack (ss) or when opponent’s at low HP. And even with that, I think I’ve had a total of 4 crits on Tenonto ever since I’ve made it about a week ago.

Rinex will never defeat Orion, you can’t distract it so I don’t understand your comparison here.

I understand Utarinex as it’s component has swap-in, but Erlikospyx has no component with swap-in ability.

Yeah Thor is one of those dinos. Definitely. :slight_smile:

Orion components don’t have swap in dodge either. XD

No but Orion components DO have swap-in ability.

Erlikospyx components have NO swap-in abilities.

That doesn’t matter at all. You can say the same about other dinos that have swap in moves but their components don’t.

But they shouldn’t. So as I believe they shouldn’t then Erlikospyx shouldn’t. Ludia need to learn what they are doing and think things through.

Why not though? Swap in ability is something that top tier dinos should have in my view. Just because their components don’t have one doesn’t mean legendary or unique hybrids shouldn’t have it either. It’s rather difficult to combine 2 dinos with different move sets so swap in ability helps with that. It’s just my opinion though. XD

In a 1 on 1 matchup it might not win, but maybe rinex wins against more dinos than Orion does. According tot Gamepress’s battle simulator Rinex is still doing quite well.
Orion loses against Thor, Tenonto, Maxima for example.

Pteraquetzal used to. It was changed after reviewing feedback or something.
As for Uniques deserving SIAs, I agree. And so does Ludia, because most of the latest Uniques do have SIAs, and there’ll probably be more to come.
The endgame does need that kind of versatility, just not on those specific dinos. They’re fine as is.