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Utarinex, here I come!


I’m basically ready to fuse to utarinex. Just need coin! Utah or dracorex is not a problem where I live, so getting DNA for those will be a breeze (hopefully!)
Some people say that it’s not worth it anymore since 1.6.20, and maybe thats true, but I really don’t care. A unique is a unique, thats an acomplishment! And I might as well get it when I’m so close!
Anybody got utarinex? Heard it got a new CHARGEEE animation! Cool! Is it still good?

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I believe its still very good.Now it can take spinotasuchus on 1vs1 and live.But it can’t stop Dracoex Gen 2 and Dracoseratops.


It doesn’t have rediculous turn 1 damage anymore but it is still one of the top 5-6 Dinos in the whole game. Very versatile and has much more health than Utahsinoraptor. The decelerating strike does help in certain situations too. It will not be benched by top teams anytime soon.


its still in the top 5! remember that you need 500 dracorex dna per fusion, that sucks.
and now it can kill indoraptor. in the case you killed a dino with low hp with your rinex and here comes indoraptor. he’s probably gonna now with evasive, you go IC (asuming the stun lands), then you go slowing strike, the DI, (now the evasive is gone) and kill him with IC again.
that works asuming you hit at least once through the evasive stance, and that your stun lands. those are still big chances you have of killing indoraptor with taking only one shot


The replacement of 1.5x damage on turn 1 doesn’t really that hurt because she now have decelerating strike rendering her to be extremely versatile. She can win almost every dino in the game if play right. She will never let you down. :grin: