Utarinex: is it worth boosting?

the utarinex received a buff in the latest updates just like thor. The latter has already received its devastation and several players spend their boosts madly on it. So, as the saying goes: fight fire with fire … do you think rinex is also a good option to invest. apart from also being a counter for boost-thor?. it is a fast distractor, good attack, priority to stun (if they slow it down for a turn) and can be exchanged.

good damage, high speed, instant charge and swap shenanigans are the reasons i use her. She also has the potential to beat magna with the right boost configurations.

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Technically it beats it unboosted too you just need to win the speed tie

It looks good on paper, but I have a level 26 and she’s been nailed to the bench for months. Decent but not going to consistently win you many battles