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Utarinex Lineage

Utarinex has no Dracorex traits left in its kit.
(As instant charge comes from its Utasinoraptor counterpart, same as its cousin Thor with Allosino)

Its type should be cunning/resilient, a very under-represented typing.

It has only 34% swap resistance, yet a much easier to create Dracorat has 100% and a kit that makes it spammable to hit and run??

I believe Rinex should still have that swap in resilient strike or resilient strike instead of cunning strike.


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I think it’s current kit is fine. It’s meant to be a Thor counter after all.

But I suppose if I had to change something, I’d just upgrade it’s Rampage and Run to Resilient Rampage and Run.

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I think a swap in is fine, but we could also up the stun and swap reses to 100%


I’m fine with it being a cunning same way i’m fine with spyx being cunning instead of cunning fierce, tho i do think they could pop up the resistances and give it a swap in


Swap-in cunning strike could be an awesome fusion of the dracorex move with the cunning typing. Would throw off Thors like nobody’s business while also not breaking its class.