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Utarinex. Oh boooy


I got a 10 from the first fuse, so naturally I was thinking: Ooooh boooy, this is going to be a looong ride. But the second AND the third fuse… I got 40!!! Woohoo!
I still think It’s going to be a painfully slow unlucky process… buuut I atleast got a head-start!

Is LVL 14 a late level to get a unique? Feels like it… I haven’t spend any money on the game, but it still feels like I’m late to the unique club… what are your opinion on the standard LVL for a unique?

Decelerating strike looks real neat!


Lucky you… I haven seen green Draco in the wild or receive it from the incubators since Summer…and I am level 18 - the game is pure lottery.


Dracorex spawns here a lot and I m spending every day multiple times of full dracorex


Good work it about right for a f2p player i haven’t spent a penny level 17 onto my 4th unique oncr you get one the rest seem to follow quicker


I’m level 20, and just got Rinex. He can be powerful at the right time against the right Dino. But it’s hard to figure out when to use her.
Good luck.


Hi Dave Congratulations on being accepted to “the Land Down Under” alliance you and your hoard of Dracorex will be much appreciated :wink:


Level 14…LATE to be getting a unique?! Nooo way! I consider it early, I didn’t get a unique until I was level 17. Congrats and good luck on the fuses, I’ve had my fair share with the unlucky 10 fusions, definitely stinks.


Also…totally thought this topic said “oh booty” at first glance. Whoops :sweat_smile:


I want all your Dracorex dna. Please mail it to me.


Just got my erlidominus at level 12 (almost 13)!! yeah!!! woot woot!!! :partying_face: :tada::tada:
It was from a final fuse of 70. :open_mouth:

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I think you mean Erlikosaurus… Erlidominus is a unique and created at level 21…


I don’t mean erlikosaurus… I actually mean erlidominus… I know that… lol…
I am player lvl 12. erliko lvl 20 indom lvl 20 erlidom lvl 21


Congrats! That’s awesome, my erlik is still only level 16 so he’s got a longgg way to go :joy:

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Thanks @Krissi_Liz!
The erlikosaurus tend to spawn a lot for me (yay) in the Belfast, Maine ymca I go to. Thank god its L3. :joy:
(if you were wondering where I got most of my erlikosaurus dna + tournament reward)

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Definitely much eaiser now to get unique at lower lvs with dna trading and better events. Congrats also


I am level 14 as well, and just got my first unique, indoraptor. I have the hybrid components for a bunch of other uniques (utasino, allosino, etc), but mainly im missing the non hybrid ingredient.