Utarinex or Procerathomimus

I partook in the tournament (a huge breather from arena, a lot better in fact. Id play that all day instead of that cesspool) and am really starting to like the green giggle chicken. The team i have now im happy with, but im thinking of replacing Utarinex with Procerathomimus. Id like your guy’s input on it.

(Note: im planning to replace Zor with Monostego once i get it to team level)

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This might be me, but I’d personally consider waiting for the next update for, er, “balancing” reasons before going with Yoshi. I don’t have an issue with him personally, but I’ve seen a few people calling for a nerf already…

Plus, it would go in line with Ludia’s ‘oops lol he was too powerful, nerfed him, here’s a unique for him though’ way of thinking.

That is true, but you can easily say that with Rat as well:

Just seems Ludia babies certain dinos. Thor, Dilorach, Tryko, Rat, and Yoshi seem to fall in that category (Thor and Yoshi get constant buffs, Tryko and Dilorach they nearly never nerf nor buff, and Rat they seem to refuse to truly nerf it despite how broken it is)

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ludia buffed yoshi more than some other “dodge” creatures. they seem really wanted to do this.

and days later, released a week event for us to dart its elements and itself.

than days after, ANOTHER week with procerathomimus.

than a themed incubator offer with yoshi dna.

now a tournament that yoshi leads.

they seem to be happy with procera, i don’t believe will get a nerf in 1.9. or ludia developers would be too machiavellian.

mine is 157 speed hahaha. the fastest hybrid in jwa, great to speed boost. it really needs to be faster to be effective.

but the nice part is see people in arena that really don’t know how yoshi works.
i see people trying to distract or stun it. or activate a shield. or swap and do negative effect.

today a player swapped a slower procera against mine, hahaha. then when i choosen second move it tried to distract mine.

people are learning to use it. my advantage is i started to use it immediately the day 1.8 was released and i read its buff.

Ludia also love to hand out tons of a dinosaur component in preparation for it receiving a hybrid in the following patch!


well… matchmaker is really blocking me of leveling things up anyway. my yoshi is lvl 24, it’s ready to 25 and soon will have enough dna to 26. but i won’t level up anything here until i feel matchmaker changes. maybe i have saved yoshi (and elements) dna saved for a possible hybrid.

but for those people leveling their teams, upgrading an epic should result in less matchmaker adjustment than a legendary or unique.

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Remember that when they added all the dodger counters, and then were surprised why nobody was using them in arena? without taking into account it was really hard to get the arena exclusive portion (and with arena being a sewer nobody wanted to bother).

Maybe they have listened to the community when everyone said we WOULD use those, if we could get the DNA needed to make and level them.
And now we have a dinosaur that is eligible to get a hybrid (Procera), and now they are handing its DNA out like candy…

I will be extremely surprised if it doesn’t get a hybrid in 1.9!

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updates usually are each 2 months? 1.9 expected late this month, or early september?

Im not sure I don’t really follow the exact release dates or anything like that.

Given all the giving away of Procera, and all the rat hate…maybe a Procera + Rat unique? =O


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phone industry would love it.
many people throwing their phones to walls.

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If it had rat in it, I would be throwing WALLS at phones haha

i can imagine opponents reactions in some battles when my yoshi finishes a dino, and after hurting another, when its about to die next turn, i swap to rat.

hahahahahaha! :hear_no_evil:

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today i saw an unexpected combination:

i was with utasino against a tryko.

my last move was 2-turn distract against tryko. but tryko did instant distract and its counter finished my utasino.

then i choosen yoshi. i did instant distract and tryko did ZERO damage (turn 1 distract from utasino plus 90% from yoshi).

next turn i did yoshi’s 2-turn distract rampage and tryko did another ZERO damage. i was surprised, but almost forgot the 2nd 50% distract turn remaining from utasino, plus 50% from yoshi.

hahahaha. then one more turn yoshi finished it.

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Yeah its nice when things can line up like that, like that HellFishFrog thing with all the distractions against Thor, if you are faster (its faster by default at 112 speed) it can bring Thor to its knees!

my usual approach is save yoshi to the end.

i only bring it earlier if i face a super speed boosted dino faster than all rest of my team.

or if i manage to use it and finish the job with draco.

speaking about draco, when i try to save yoshi, it’s because draco is its worst enemy. and yoshi use to be a surprise for many players at my level. at final stage of battle, player already used dioraja, or even draco. and it’s yoshi fiesta time.


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As obnoxious this company is, i dont think theyd want every single dino to have something thatll lead to a superhybrid. Suchotator’s been here ages and that thing still lacks a hybrid. Yoshi and rat have been here a while and they havent gotten hybrids yet. Heck, ANKYLOCODON, DIPLOTATOR, and MAJUNDASUCHUS dont have hybrids yet, although Majundasuchus really needs one. It’s hot garbage, but at least it’s better than our current arena