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Utarinex or Thor?


With Sino DNA coming (alliance reward and next week end)

Should I :

Fuse for Utarinex I haven’t yet ?
image image


Upgrade my Thor ?

1.7 will kill Utarinex so I really don’t know if I waste DNA on it but in same time it will another dino unlock in my collection (and I still believe Rinex will had a buff later cause it can’t be inferior to Utasino)


as a Utarinex user I would say go for Thor all the way.


Is Rinex so useless ? :joy:

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not completely but it got nerfed 2 times in a row now so not looking forward to 1.8 :smiley: Thor seems like a better investment now


Haven’t bothered with Utarinex, haven’t even unlocked her yet… Went Thor all the way, primarily because she is so much easier to level… I even darted exclusively Sino on event days and invested in Thor… Have Thor almost to 29 and simply love her…

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Really don’t get it why Ludia makes the easiest uniqe even the best in the game.

We are getting TONS of Sino.
Even this weekend.


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As an Utarinex user, I would say she is great and worth a spot on your team. But the upcoming nerf seems too much for that little cutie. She lose her survivability and is now vulnerable to the rat. I’m so sad Ludia nerf her that hard. If you want to raise her in 1.7, I would suggest go for Thor or even Utarsinoraptor. :disappointed_relieved:


i have both at level 28 and they are both very usefull. rinex just a bit more. jmo

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I’d say just keep levelling your utasino


I went with Thor for 2 reasons.
I already had distractors and swappers that filled Utarinex role.
Thor brought an entirely different kit to the table.
I did not want to be slowed down by shared Sino DNA

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Ludia said we need balanced teams. If you level up Thor to 23 and the rest of your team is around 20 you will be facing unfavourable match-ups against level 24+ teams. This might help you to make a decision.


I decided to up my Thor with Alliance Rewards

There is my actual team :


I think thor is better in 1.7

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Bruh That is exactly what I was gonna say.

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Keep leveling ur utasino or thor, since both are gonna be better than utarinex in 1.7


Yes ! I think I’ll keep priority to Thor

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Thor all the way! Thanks to alliance rewards, a Sinoceratops darted near home last night (I live in L1), and a lucky 90 DNA fuse on Allosinosaurus, I finally maxed him out today.

With the upcoming nerf to Utarinex and boost to Utasinoraptor, take a wild guess where any future Sino DNA will be going? :wink:

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I have Utasinoraptor level 26, not planned because I was heading to Utarinex…but… Dracorex? I am still level 8, never seen it in the wild and I don’t remeber when I got it from incubators. Seriously, what is the trick to get Dracorex? Anyway, my Utasionraptor kills almost everything with the first “snap”…and than usually also the second one too, my favourite beast…give her some speed boost and … yeah!

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I find the rare Dracorex all the time in L2

Back when Jurassic Ruins was for players with 4,000 trophies I used my Utasinoraptor all the time and she was great, even at only level 20!


I tried biking about 5 km circle around my home - that is 10 km diameter, several times but I haven’t find any L2 creatures. I am playing JWA since May 2018…yes I am stuck “by foot” or bike.