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Utarinex or Thoradolosaur

Which one, do you think, is better after stat boost 2.0 ?

Utarinex is far better. Way more utility and team synergy. It’s much more reliable, even if it is a little harder to level.

People run lots of tanks in this meta, Thor still kills tanks, armor is utahs enemy, enough said


Rinex is more versatile and beats Thor in most situations. I think Thor is to strong in the one strength he has.

Have both. I’m running with both. You may find it odd I have my rat killer benched for the day but just the mood I’m in. I was ratted in both I played so far but managed to win. This post probably hexed me for my next battle and I’ll wish I had my rat killer.

I think its better to look at your team weaknesses rather then individual dinos strengths…having to much of something even if its good can be an issue.

Chompers are solid… and the three pure chompers all bring something different to the table. Thor raw power, tenoto ultility, tryo is immune and naturally pretty fast… but i find 2 to be the sweet spot for your roster… ive tried running three… but pulling all three in a match is often a lost match.

Rinex is one of the best thor counters, kinda tanky for a speedster, has great utility has well, rampage and run into a rat can be kill alot of dinos outright. But its still a speedster and running to many of them can get you beat…

Look at your team and your long term plans… do you need a chomper or something to kill chompers. That answer is your best option…

two different roles… i run both. you should compare the two to other dinos that can possibly replace them.

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Yup, jinxed myself badly. I lost 2 battles and then got a count down to fight an AI and lost to that. Then I finally won one again. I think I can say that with the none boosted team I have. I’ve plateaued between 4800-4900. I’ve met my matches.

Of the two Thor is more hated on the various forums.
Go with Thor.
I have found the more hated the dino, the better it performs.