Utarinex or Thoradolosaur?

I’m sure I’m not the only one sitting on a bunch of Sino DNA last week and not sure what to do with it?

I’m a long way from getting draco to 20 but my tarbo is at 19. However I never see Sino so I don’t want to regret my choice!

Utah is probably ultimately better but go for the 1 you can get. If you were close to both Id say different

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Posted the same topic a few days ago and I’m still wondering the same. A little closer to creating Utarinex than Thora but Thora looks so much cooler.

My decision is more complicated. I have stopped the Sinoceratops in Level 15 for months because creating a hybrid and leaving it at level 16 was useless. I usually find a Sinoceratops a month with luck. Now after the event of the week, collect 15 Sinoceratops from the event and 4 free (the week of the event came out but now I can spend months without seeing another one) I have 2690 free DNA from Sinoceratops which means 53 fusion shots from one of its two hybrids and, calculating to 22 fusion DNA for each fusion shot, 1183 hybrid DNA legendary enough to create it, evolve it to 20 and that about to start creating a unic so I must decide double.

Utasinoraptor and then Utarinex and rule out forever Allosinosauro and Tholadororosauro


Allosinosauro and Tholadolorosauro and rule out Utasinoraptor and Utarinex forever

I think it’s one of the most important decisions I have to make today … and I have many similar ones.

I have “Infinito” allosauros and Utahraptor but I do not reach level 20 neither with Dracorex nor with Turbosauro although, if they continue appearing as many Tarbosaurs as yesterday, in 15 days I could start the fusion of “Thola” whereas as I see (but it may have changed) few Dracorex, I should wait more to start creating the Utarinex.

I do not want to wait any longer because I think that any of the two legendary players could enter my team, although I do not know if they are better than a gorgosuchus of 21, a paramoloch of 20, a dilonosauro of 18 almost 19 or an Einasuchus of 21, all of them outside of the team or a RAjakilosauro of 19, a Tryostinox of 19 or a Monomimus of 19, all three in the team.


While I was writing this email I opened an 8 hour incubator and I saw 80 DNA from Sinoceratops !! What a great way to start the day, 2 more fusion darts. I would almost have to take the legendary 21 or create the epic (if I had more common).

make 1 of each and do the friendly challenge…see which one is more effectively and suitable for you

Spending hard to find Sino DNA fusing a legendary that I may not end up powering up and using sounds like a terrible idea.

I like that idea actually. Have utasino at 18 and ready to fuse allosino so might just do that!

I would think about it a lot before doing that. Evolve at the same time the two branches of the same dinos usually means that neither of them is useful for your team.

Normally I’d agree but I have enough sino + allo to just about get him to 20 and enough uta to get him to 20 as well so it shouldn’t make too big an impact.

How lucky to have so much DNA from Sino !! Anyway, when you start to merge one of the two Unic, you will need a lot of Sino DNA and it is possible that soon on your team is not enough level 20 to enter it.

i choose Thor

I want both so I’ve been upgrading both. Slower process than focusing on one but my dracorex is 19, my utasinoraptor is 20, allosinosaurus is 18, tarbosaurus is 11 but I have enough dna for it to be 17-18ish. I’ve been pretty satisfied with going for both. Plus utasinoraptor and allosinosaurus make fine additions to my team and having them in my team encourages me to level them up anyways.

Im going with Thor because my Allosino is level 20 (on my team) and ive probably got enough Tarbo to get it to 20 given the coins!

Plus ive never really been a fan of the RNG stunning head butters!

Id say it comes down to two things:

  1. Do you like or hate RNG because one is a stunner.
  2. Do you like the looks of Thor (which looks like Allosino but with spikes which I like since I like Allosino itself), or do you like the Dracorex looking ones!

Edit: Also ive got 145,000 Allo DNA from when it was Local4 lol