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Utarinex or Utasino Post 1.9

I know this topic has come up before. I had been beefing up Utarinax for a while, but with the new meta and the way matchmaking works, favoring having some non-uniques on your team, does it make more sense to boost and evolve Utasino? Both are currently the same level, though Sino is unboosted.

While i have both at team level… i plan on dropping one soon… and its a choice… both are good and both play a different role. Rinex is particularly good at countering thor, do you have other thor counters.

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Utasino over rinex any day I’m still destroying Thors with her and taking rinex down as well.


Sino for me. The crit impact buff and added speed :+1:t2:


Yep Utahsino is my favourite dino. I can’t be bothered to create Rinex. Although Utahraptor seems to have become rarer recently so I’m stuck on 999. Obviously…


Just got mine to 29 got a long way to 30 tho


Depends on what you want for your team. Utasino is a 1v1 raw damage dogfighter. Rinex has more team synergy. I personally prefer rinex because it has higher health.

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I have a couple, including a beefed up Procera. As long as they will stop pitting my lvl 24 team against level 27 and 28 ones…

Part of the decision is based on the new matchmaking too. Much harder to get fair matches (in my opinion) with too many uniques on the team. I have benched several at this point. After today’s matchups though I am not sure that strategy is working either. Lost every match I played but one.

That was the reasons I beefed my Rinex up in the beginning. I believe it was @Hersh that had written a great article on it. Now though, with the punishing for higher rarity on your team I am not sure it still makes sense.

Im not convinced rarity is taken account as much as some think it is… 1.9 saw me replace a 21 tragod with a 21 tryko and a 22 meg with a 24 indo… tryko indo and meg are both boosted roughly the same.

Saw no change to my opponents pool just a higher win rate.

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That is a monster. I want mine to grow like that!


I can tell you that when I have less rares/uniques I fight teams with fewer rares. That said, it is nothing scientific and sometimes their ‘less rares’ are at level 30 compared to my level 23’s.