Utarinex or utasinoraptor

Does utarinex replace utasinoraptor? I’m half way to unlocking utarinex and have ran out of sino dna. Since this week event features anky and sino, I’m trying to decide which of the two I should dart. I’m close to starting my Tryko also so currently I’m at a cross road. Right now a lvl 20 utasinoraptor is on my team and carries me a lot through battle. should I redirect my efforts toward Tryko or continue on the utarinex path then replace him for utasinoraptor? Thanks.

I’m in the same boat as you, only trying to decide on what to create first, Utarinex or Thoradolosaur. I went with Thor as I like the chompers, but still dont have either one created yet.

Sino is the brake check for both :persevere:

So true, sino is a hot and rare commodity right now. For me however, it’s anky or sino. Regarding my team, I definately have a place for Tryko but utarinex? Not sure at this point. If utarinex is a good replacement then yes, I’ll continue with the utarinex grind. But if I can get by with an already strong utasinoraptor then I’ll dart ankys and start on Tryko.

I suggest Utranix is well above than Uthasino. I really hate facing Utranix esepicially when they hit and run while I try to bleed them. And on top stun move and other high attack move.

Thanks Niceguy. So true that hit and run is a good move.

Does the extra health make up for the loss of armor?

I created Utarinex last week and I’m so happy with it! It’s strong, fast enough, and that instant charge move has won me a few battles. The hit and run move is also very convenient if you have a strong dinosaur in the lineup behind it.

Good info, thanks Stormchaser.

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