Utarinex reworked

Just some changes that could be made to it in 1.13 or 2.0 like come on let’s get that 2.0 on. Also a that way it can be better than it’s parent in more ways.

Health: 3,800
Attack: 1,500
Speed: 127
Armor: 10%
Immune to swap prevention


  • Long decelerating strike: deal 1x damage, opponents speed is reduced by 50% for two turns.

  • Distracting impact: deal 1.5x damage, reduced opponents attack by 50% for two turns. Cool down 2

  • Rampage and run: deal 2x damage; automatically swap to next Dino. Cooldown 1, delay 1

  • Instant charge: priority; deal 1x damage gain 75% chance to stun opponent for one turn

  • swap in definite head-but: remove opponents cloak and evasive, destroy shields, bypass armor, deal .5 x damage, gain 66% chance to stun opponent for one turn
    I feel like this helps it alot


You know with the boost you can do anything you want. So why we work something. It’s just the game.


Having it get a counter attack wouldn’t make sense since neither Utahsino or Dracorex have counter attack abilities


True but it’s technically not an actual counter since it only does an effect not actually damage

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Plus a lot of dinos have thing that there parents didn’t have


I like Utarinex as it is but I’d add 1 thing. Now that Sinoceratops has Swap In Headbutt, it should be inherited by Rinex (not sure if Utasino should too) or just give the swap in attack of the Dracorex since Rinex seems to gain pretty much absolutely nothing from it.

Let’s not make more rats now shall we :joy:

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Well, Ludia will make more of them anyway. Might as well be a rat that’s useful.

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Losing Instant Charge is a nerf.


I’m against it losing priority stun.

Lol ya you’re rat but hey a snakes favorite food is a rat

Unless the rat decides to eat the snake.


She needs a buff of some sort. I finally had to take her off my team because more often than not she was all I had left when I needed a chomper. She was replaced with my L29 Tenontorex.

Now, thanks to alliance rewards she’s ready to go from 28 to 29. I’ll keep leveling her just in case she’s useful again.

I wouldn’t trade instant charge for GSI. Instant charge is way more useful. I would:
Keep the same stats and moves and give It swap in definite strike from dracorex and immunity to swap prevention. I think that would be enough to make It very strong again.


Whoa! Distracting impact AND distracting counter with a base DMG of 1500? Your breaking rinex.

Swap in headbutt would be pretty nice. It’d gain better mobility that way and have the possibility of being a little more clutch.

Did an update

Updated did some changes

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Doesn’t Sino have SI-Stunning Strike?
SI-Headbutt is still fine though. And Definite does make sense. Both Dracorexes are all about that SIA.

I think that could work, even if everything else about Rinex stays the same as right now. Giving it a good SIA with Immunity to Swap-prevention sounds pretty good on a creature with a 1st-turn Distracting move and Instant Charge.

I don’t think it needs 127 speed, I mean, how good a creature is isn’t determined by how it performs against its components, after all. With an SIA, I think I’d use it over Utahsino any day now that the rat has been nerfed.

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Actually, I was just thinking how Rinex and Utasino are very good at stalling while doing decent damage for the first 2 turns, without taking much in return (Distracting Impact+ Instant Charge).

So they would be perfect candidates for a move like Devastation, right? I mean, it wouldn’t make sense on Utasino, but imagine Rinex with Devastation-and-run!
Lol, I’d prefer it if it just got an SIA, actually.

Perhaps Bajatonodon should get a stalling move then? How about Acute Stun? You could replace Bellow with it, since Superior Vulnerability is enough for speed control.
That way your opponent goes first, then you stun them, go for SV, then Devastation.

Or perhaps it could get a regular Rampage or Nullifying Rampage, just so it doesn’t have to rely on Devastation so much. One of the things that makes Eddie great is the two multiplier moves instead of one.
Even Nullifying Impact would be something.

I feel like if it got Greater Stunning Rampage it would be too much like Eddie, but that could work too.
I know it’s off topic, but Bajatonodon has so much potential.